The Thought I Woke Up With #77


This blog post is something of a confession, dear reader.

Who says you need a dark enclosed stall, with a small screened window to confess?

Nor does anyone need a third party to communicate with Creation through; I don’t remember Jesus or any of the great masters ever confessing to a human.

Back to my blog-confessional however. I have more than once said that nothing has changed since Adam was young and unmarried. I have said that fear still rules. That wars still rage, and that generally speaking this world is hells hand-basket.

Now, you may be looking at the above and thinking, All that is true. What have you got to confess, you brilliant man you! 

And you’re right, not necessarily about my brilliance and windswept charm, but that those things mentioned haven’t changed. That is, wars still rage, fear lurks in just about every nook and cranny of life and as far as I can tell if you choose to believe that hell exists, you’re in it.

This world, in toto, is about as far removed from our natural space of being as it gets.

It is nothing short of an outrage that the children of Creation would make believe they are powerless pawns in something as disfigured, afflicted and profane as this world.

So what’s changed?

To answer that let me start by saying that in the very instant a part of Creation took up the mistaken thought that it could split from its Creator, put in place was a perfect and faultless plan for its return; a plan for healing the fevered minds of the holy ones.

Part of that plan is the awakening of individual consciousness. In other words, because we think we’re divided and separate each one must do their own undoing. Because the reality of it is quite different; we are in reality not alone or separated and never have been, as each one wakes, even partly, his and her awareness filters into the greater whole; the collective consciousness let us say.

As each stick is tossed onto the fire, the fire becomes brighter and it’s energy stronger until the fire burns away all dead and useless things and only the truth remains.

So it is with humanity. As each is enlightened the Light of truth grows stronger, and under its loving tutelage and divine guidance things of ego are peacefully put to rest.

There has never been a time in human history when as many were as enlightened as there are today. Nor has there ever been a time as many humans have been actively pursuing personal and spiritual development. The historical sacred cows are being exposed and put to paddock, permanently.

People are waking to the fact that nature is being destroyed, the oceans raped and pillaged, respect for the individual trampled underfoot. That business willingly and methodically obliterates anything that turns a dollar. That far too often religion is a tool used by the soul-dead individuals for their own greed and gain.

People are rising in awareness to the so-called leaders who are being seen as nothing but boldfaced liars, cheats and murderers. People are less and less inclined to blindly follow. People are taking responsibility of their own lives and happiness.

So, yes dear reader, there have been many changes. You could say a revolution is not only afoot but gathering momentum by the day. The Love Revolution, resulting in a changed world, a world escaping the clutches of ego one step at a time, one soul at a time.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #77

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