The Thought I Woke Up With #75

Post Office

It has not occurred to me until today, and that’s only because mind was dealing with a Post Office thought when I woke and am therefore writing about it, that a post office represents more than just a building. More than a place where letters and parcels are sorted and sent out for delivery.

Post office, the postal service, represents excitement, hope and steadfastness.

Excitement is self explanatory. Everyone has excitedly waited for a letter or a parcel; checked the mailbox numerous times just in case the mailman snuck up and delivered the awaited object early.

For anyone who has waited for results of any kind, an important cheque, news from a loved one or any similar written message will know what I mean. Waiting on tenterhooks and hoping for the best news can be quite an experience.

Steadfastness is that despite the stories of lost letters and parcels the postal service is for the most part steadfast and reliable. There’s a story of a letter, mailed six miles from the delivery destination, in Trelon, France, which took 138 years to be delivered. Now that’s steadfastness.

There is another aspect to this of course. The postal service is about communication. And to state the obvious communication is changing. That is to say, insofar as letters are concerned, the postal service is being replaced by email.

Email cuts out the middleman, making it not only enormously faster, it’s direct and a good deal more realistic. Because of the times out of which letter writing evolved, there was always a formality to it. Often unnecessary. Not that there’s anything wrong with formality, however, as the world moves on so does the mode of communication, email is contemporaneous and synchronous with that.

Than there’s text messaging. Even faster, more direct and visceral.

Isn’t it interesting that as humans become more open minded and, shall we say enlightened on a larger scale, the more rapid and direct communication becomes.

All of a sudden, communicating without any kind of device is looking not only more and more realistic it can now be looked upon as a realty in waiting.

The Mind is a field of endless possibilities.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #75

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