The Thought I Woke Up With #73


Human beings are fixated with hair. Two particular areas stand above the rest- the loss of hair and the colour of hair.

Loss of hair is significantly more important to men and the colour to both sexes, perhaps just a touch more to women. Equally unacceptable to both is white hair.

White / grey hair is an unconscionable proposition to the majority of men and women. Being a white-haired person, a white-haired woman especially is unthinkable. Which is kind of weird because losing hair and greying is a natural life progression. And are things natural meant to be the bomb? Not when it comes to hair obviously.

When was the last time you saw a white-haired woman in a movie or an advert that wasn’t a crazy grandmother, a witch, or Santa’s missus?

And what’s with the blatant colour white discrimination? It’s like any colour hair will do except white. Orange, purple, streaked, yellow, bright red, pink, green, black and white, you name it and it’s used. Anything but white. What’s more everyone knows its camouflage. Truth and disclosure take a powerful beating when it comes to fighting the war against white hair, don’t they.

Here’s another bewildering contradiction. The colour white is not just considered a very nice and pleasant colour perse, it has powerful symbolic significance. I mean can you imagine the bride wearing black? The White House becoming the Black House or the internationally recognized white flag turned into a black one. Or, how would it be if Lucifar and his merry band of sons of wickedness suddenly turned up in white and the prophets took up the black? Unthinkable.

We are a funny lot, us humans.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #73

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