The Thought I Woke Up With #72

Violence is the answer

How often have you heard that VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER! Too often to recall, right?

Then on the other hand you have well meaning chanting, Give peace a chance. And my personal favourite, Make Love Not War.

I don’t like violence, I have never liked violence, nor have I ever used it to solve issues.

That said however, I have come to understand that there are two ways to live. One way is in ego, and the other to reconnect with Creation. The latter being what I pretty much talk about, write about and do my best to live these days.

Living in ego, which lets get real, is home until such time as we permanently reconnect with Creation and no longer have need to walk the earth, means we abide by ego rules. And if anyone thinks that, when they become enlightened it all stops and ego is laid down, they are sorely mistaken.

The only time one is free of ego, totally, is the moment they fully transition into Creation.

In the interim, certainly, as one works on undoing their ego blocks the ego connection becomes less and less, and time spent in Now/ in Creation, becomes more and more. That ongoing and developing experience transforms life into something lighter, easier, more beautiful and dare I say it divine.

Whilst in ego though, ego rules apply. And one of ego biggies is violence IS the answer. It even makes it logical.

How do you stop ISIS? Negotiation and compromise? Chocolates and flowers? Respect? No. Only one thing stops and ISIS crazy- A bullet to the head. And right there folks, is ego in it’s finest hour.

Violence cuts to the core of ego existence. ISIS and it’s mad ideology is just another version of a long list of blood thirsty lunatics throughout world history. World wars have been fought, and won, against them.

The reason violence is not the answer can be clearly seen in the very fact that despite winning wars against crazed people, violence is still prevalent.

You put down one fool; another pops up and takes their place. Right now the stench of violence and atrocity is coming from the Middle East. Once that is taken care of there will be another, and another, and another. It will never stop.

Understand that. Accept that. Then work doubly hard on transforming yourself. That IS the long-term solution.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #72

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