The Thought I Woke Up With #71


In the world of words and white noise, there are two definitions of the word charisma

The first definition describes it as a compelling attractiveness and or charm that inspires devotion. Examples being business leaders, television anchors and other celebrity type people

An alternative definition of the word charisma is that it is a divinity granted power or talent, i.e. people who perform miracles

As is the case with all words both these definitions are equally obscure and turgid, that is both definitions are ego-exalting and brimming with pretentious self-aggrandisement

By that I mean that I’m yet to see or hear about any genuine spiritualist call themselves, “charismatic.”

There’s a reason for that. Once a man or woman is at the level where they connect with Creation on a regular and mostly-ongoing bases they know that there is no such thing as charisma. They understand that their knowledge, their being, and everything that comes through them is not of their doing. They know that what one achieves is a reconnection with the whole. The original, Creator originated, existence. A space where there are no leaders, followers or words that differentiate anything from anything else.

What the word charisma really means is importance and loftiness. I speak on behalf of god, therefore I am important; my position is lofty. You must listen, you peasant.

When an archbishop or some other ego-eminent says they are speaking on behalf of Jesus or whomever, they too are saying, I am important. You need listen, because only I can translate and be the conduit between you and the holy ones.

What a lot of rubbish that is. All these types are endeavouring to do is influence and dominate, those being the pillars of almost all religions.

Why do religions need grand buildings, elaborate texts and judgments that put any court of law to shame? Because without fear, obedience and blind devotion, religions would be seen for what they are, charismatic frauds and plain old bullies.

As for the charismatic business leaders, politicians, clerics, preachers, celebrities and “stars,” you don’t need me to tell you as to their authenticity.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #71

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