The Thought I Woke Up With #68

Confused (Mother lied)

It is said researchers have long known that newborn babies not only recognize, but listen out for, their mothers’s voice. It is also believed that babies recognize their mother’s voice before birth and are actively listening to mum during the last weeks of pregnancy.

You could therefore safely say that a mothers voice rates highly on the trust scale.

It wouldn’t even remotely occur to you that that voice was telling you lies, would it? During the formative years in particular you take everything that voice says as gospel. If mum offered you poison you’d drink it. You trust. Simple.

Similar trust applies to fathers and to a lesser degree close relatives, however those individuals contribute later.

Here’s the bittier pill to swallow. The hard and undisputed fact of the matter is that our mothers lie to us.

This lying isn’t intentional, and it most certainly isn’t meant to harm. Mothers do it because they believe what they are saying is the best thing for their child.

Then, as mentioned above, fathers, brothers, sisters, family friends and so on chime in. They don’t know they are lying. They are unaware of the truths. Sleepwalking. They believe they are doing what’s best. They do it out of love.

As the man said, Forgive them Father for they are clueless. Or something along those lines.

And the child? Well, we know what happens. The child grows up and repeats the process. And that’s how the ego caravan keeps moving on. The voices of reason bark but to little avail. It is getting better. The voices are becoming vaster and love more encompassing, there’s peace and light on them thar horizons.

In the meantime the original lies get repeated, accepted, and repeated again. The human disease gets passed on from generation to generation; keeping idiotic ideas alive, active and energized; men and women dying and killing for outrages mendacities and tall tales.

Is it any wonder we get confused? Everyone, everyone, even if it is in that dark hour just before dawn, knows that what is being thought and practiced is wrong. Everyone knows that killing and cheating and selling things detrimental to health and wellbeing is wrong. But it continues.

Let us look at this more broadly however, before we go judging the warlords and sellers of cigarettes, junk food and even junkier drinks. Before we cast judgment stones upon those corporations using slave labour and sweat shops to profit and sell their wares to the world cheap.

Why do people buy goods made by the poor and the unfortunate?

Why do people smoke, shove grease, starch and sugar down their gullets?

Everyone clearly knows and understands what’s going on. Everyone clearly knows and understands what the consequences are. Everyone knows.

Why do men and women of the Earth condone wars? Why do they go? Why are there marching bands and parades? Why do they condone selling weapons to the so-called enemies?

This should be called the planet of sleepwalkers.

Time to wake up.

Every one can. Everyone will!

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #68

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