The Thought I Woke Up With #66

 The Secret To Success

Before I give you the secret to success, as offered by mind this morning, let me firstly say that whatever mind presents, I will offer to you. There is one exception; I will not pass on names because people are entitled to their privacy. The only exception to that rule is if and when I get their express permission.

What you are getting here is whatever mind offers, warts and all. The odd typo is my doing. I’m renown for my typos, and “tweaking.” When I was writing my book it drove my poor suffering editor to distraction. With this blog though, no tweaking, it’s as it comes pretty much.

The second point is in fact a question. What do you believe is the single most violent, diabolical, filthy and evil energy gripping mankind? What is this thing that is worse than any plague, pandemic, scourge, curse and evil visitation ever cast upon an entire populace of a planet?

The answer is- Fear.

Fear is that thing. Fear is everywhere. It is in every person and every nook and cranny of life.

Why do people fail in career and business? Fear.

Why don’t people laugh and enjoy? Fear.

Why do people not embrace love? Fear.

Why do despots, tyrants, mass murderers like Hitler, Stalin, Poll Pot, Mugabe, Idi Amin and others get away with the terrible things they do? Fear.

Why do people not embrace the true Creator, instead of the biblical and other holy writ caricatures made in man’s own image? Fear.

The secret to success is therefore working through fear. Not overcoming it. Trying to overcome fear is not only a losing proposition it actually energizes it.

Working through fear means feeling it, accepting that it’s there, then doing whatever you wish to do anyway. If your voice cracks and your hands shake when you’re making a speech, so be it. After the third time it’ll be much better.

If someone tells you your writing stinks, okay. Write about it tomorrow.

If someone doesn’t like what you are wearing, fair enough.

No one starts off perfect. No one. The difference between success and lack thereof is that most don’t even try for the fear of failing. That’s a tragedy. Much better to try and face-plant into the asphalt, than take the regret of not trying to your death bed.

I heard an old Samurai quote one time. Dying is easy; you brace yourself and do it.

We’re not talking about death here, but if the fear of dying is so simply overcome, everything else should be a walk in the park.

I remember Mr Jim Rohn, a man I enjoyed listening to saying, If it’s easy, do it easy, if it’s hard, do it hard. Just get it done.

But back to my mind message for today. Excuse the crudeness of expression but my mind isn’t always politically correct:

The secret to success is saying, I don’t give a shit and doing it.

I other words, who cares what anyone thinks, says or feels. Seriously. It’s your life. You’ll be here until you go anyway. Might as well do it your way.

As the late, great Edith Piaf sang – Je Ne Regrette Rien.

Just imagine, dear reader, when judgment day rolls around, being abole to smile and say, “No, I regret nothing.”

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #66

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