The Thought I Woke Up With #63

 Depressed, anxious and forlorn

Have you ever had times when you felt anxious and depressed about something or other happening in your life? Maybe even spent sleepless nights over it?

No need to answer. I know you have. You wouldn’t be human if you hadn’t.

Everyone has those times. They present in all manner of forms, Top of the Pops being relationship issues, money related issues, health, family, security and so on.

Sometimes these feelings are but an irritation, a very persistant irritation however, like when you get something in your shoe. At other times these episodes of malice are greatly more serious and the consequences devastating.

It is important to understand that no matter how personal and private these episodes seem, how helpless and alone they make you feel, they do happen to everyone. There is not a single human who does not have them. There is no such thing as a charmed life. And if you ever come across someone who tells you they are so deliriously happy, gosh, all the time, like, you know, 24/7, start looking for the nearest exit; that brother or sister has issues you can’t help with.

Even Jesus Christ went of into the desert for 40 days to try and sort himself out. As an aside, in the gospels, Luke reckons, “And he ate nothing in those days; and when they were ended, he was hungry!” Really? Imagine that, after no food for 40 days the guy was hungry.

Back to the topic though. Jesus also went through some heavy anguish in the Garden of Gethsmane, and he was about as enlightened as it gets at that point.

My point being, to reiterate, you are not alone with your hurting. To borrow from that R.E.M. song, Everybody hurts, sometimes. The reason it is important to sink into this perhaps on the surface trivial point is that one is not alone; that one is not some kind of freak of nature. Everyone is in the same boat. Everyone has exactly the same challenges and burdens. They just appear different.

The other important point to make relative to this issue, and it is a major human issue, is that oftentimes as one is going through one of these life dramas, in spite of efforts from family, best friends, best medicos or religion one may still be left downcast and dispirited.

There is a way around that. When you are feeling alone, you are one step away from reconnecting with All. Put another way, when you are by yourself, make a decision to reconnect with YourSelf; it’s a perfect time. YourSelf being what is often called the HigherSelf.

In my recently released book Him & Me this is how I describe the HigherSelf.

With the help of the Voice I had finally learnt the greatest of personal truths. Him was my other half. The part from which I thought I had split. Now I understood that the split was only a figment of my imagination. There never was a split other than my believing there was. I was not an orphan; alone, isolated and deserted. I was part of a power so mighty there was nothing to compare it with and no words to describe it.

Me is the lower self. The ego. The physical self we see in the mirror. It is the one who screams and shouts, condemns, defends, judges, rationalises, constantly complains, has a never-ending list of insecurities, feels wronged and hard done by, never forgives or forgets, expects the worst, trusts no one and falls in and out of love whilst preaching its foreverness and permanency.

No matter what life and ego throws at you, your Higher Self is always there to make things right. Try it. What have got to lose?

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #63

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