The Thought I Woke Up With #62

 Who is controlling the memory?

As often happens we forget things. Sometimes we recall those things of our own accord, sometimes someone helps out, and other times we don’t remember.

It must be noted, the things we try to recall, when measured against the sheer volume of mind-traffic are miniscule. As anyone who has embarked on the mind watching mission will tell you, mind processes a thought, an image or a sound on continual bases.

Mind traffic has been likened to the rush-hour traffic in a major city. But it’s greater than that; even in worst rush-hour traffic you get a break at some point. Not so with mind. I now liken it to the out of control heart monitor, spiking, peaking and whining wildly, with the only constant being there’s no break in it.

Mind noises, associated thoughts and images just keep going, no break, no pause, no respite. It’s enough to drive a person to anxiety, or worse, until …

… Until you become the Watcher, meaning, until you can look at mind and see its antics dispassionately and calmly. Once that happens three things come to pass:

  1. You note that all the mind thoughts, images and sounds are rooted either in the past or wild and wooly imaginings about the future.
  2. Fearful past and future (imagined) events are played out. At times the grip of these thoughts can be devastating.
  3. After a period of watching mind and its illogical machinations, you learn to transcend the hoopla and hubbub. You enter the beautiful quiet.

I’d also like pass on a little information for anyone who may be experiencing difficulty meditating, i.e. becoming a mind watcher. Mind serves two purposes. Firstly it serves the ego purpose. That is to say it frightens and terrorizes you into submission. Quiver and obey isn’t a quirky little phrase. It’s real. It affects you. At all times.

Here is another misnomer. Far, far, too often it is preached that the best way to deal with fears is to pretend they don’t exist. Ignore them. Just be positive. It’s alright, attract abundance, release negativity. Prey. Trust the universe it’ll take care of everything, as well as many other cornflake packet crud that passes for wisdom.

The reality is, we must do hand-to-hand combat with fear.

I put that in such a way so as to get your attention. And if you are prone to look for easy ways to enlightenment– stop it. There is no easy way out. But the way that works is the way that will give you unimaginable joy.

Also when I say hand-to-hand combat I don’t mean getting bloody and hacking off bits and pieces off things with a meat clever. What I do say is the only way to see mind fears for what they are is not to ignore and run. You do the opposite. You dive into the heart of it. Confront it. And what you see then is that fear isn’t at all what you thought it to be. In fact you’ll find it is nothing. As all things in the ego part of mind are.

It must also be stressed that there are folks who may need professional assistance when dealing with mind and fears. Nothing wrong with that.

Secondly, mind transports you into what I call the beautiful quiet. Put another way, you go from the noise and unpleasantness of ego, into the loveliness of Self.

Now back to the original thought; Who is controlling the memory?

Answer- the Watcher.

And who is the Watcher?

You tell me, dear reader. You know as well as I do.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #62

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