The Thought I Woke Up With #59

Oh God please …

When all else fails a great many people will turn to God. Even if they have never before given him a second thought. God becomes the last, desperate straw. God becomes the port of last resort.

Is it because at that point of helplessness, aloneness and sheer desperation, the realisation that human beings are completely and utterly incapable of dealing with anything above bullshit, bluster and false promises, hits home like an assassins bullet, and God becomes the last straw to clutch onto.

But why God? Why not call on satan? The sacred cow, the black hole, the big bang or some other thing people profess to believe in?

Could it be that deep down everyone knows? That the secret is really no secret at all. That behind the ego veil truth and understanding wait? The truth and understanding being that everyone is still connected to Creation and the Creator. That the presence of the Creator is forever and always there, that it can be denied but never eliminated. That all the other so called sacred and powerful things are but fairy tales and that sometimes it takes a trauma of an experience to cut thought the ego covering to set the truth and understanding free.

One of life’s key errors is expecting someone, or something, to lift the veil of falsity from ones eyes. To prove to them the Creator exists. That is an impossible concept; no one can prove the existence of Creation to anyone else. Yet the ego embraces and clutches onto this concept for dear life. Just like it clutches onto the concept of trying to find things that do not exists. That is projection.

Nothing projected is real. Nothing real is projected.

Here is the core, and the epicentre of ego power: To pray for the impossible and seek the unfindable.

You could say this is how days on Earth are spent:

“Hey dude, what you do today?”

Spent it looking for the impossible to find, bro?

“Did you find it?”

No, I did not.

“Better luck tomorrow.”

Thank you, I think I’ll find it tomorrow. Feel it in my bones.

“That’s the spirit. Might knock off work early and help you look.”

Oh, that’d be nice. Thank you.

“Don’t mention it. What are friends for?”

Love, truth and understanding on the other hand demand no pleas, prayers or sacrifices. They are in reality the same thing, and that thing is Creation. In Creation you just are. There is no looking, seeking or finding. You don’t find Creation. It doesn’t play hide-and-seek. You don’t walk around saying, Come out, come out, where you are.

So when a person cries out for Gods help, they are in fact reaching out to their Reality.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #59

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