The Thought I Woke Up With #57

It was right there, and then …

… it wasn’t.

How often has it happened? There you are, enveloped by passion so blind, so rapturous you’re sure it’s the Rhapsody of Amor, inspired by Venus, conducted stridently by Mars and played by an orchestra of cupids. You got it. You cannot but surrender yourself to it. Then, nine months later– Surprise! Nappies, baby mucus and midnight feeds. Where’d it go?

Or how about when the most solemn commitments are made, rings exchanged, vows given before god and man. Until death do us part, even. Long before death arrives however, to rip and tear the eternal love apart, a cute work colleague with shapely bits and gym bought abs slinks in and one is left with court ordered alimony, no house or Harley and enough acrimony to make the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote look like best of mates.

Then there’s the caviar, Lamborghini and roasted Huhu Grubs lifestyle, changed at the whim of a fickle stock market, and it’s back to spam sandwiches washed down with a tall glass of tap water.

Life is fickle. Life is illusory. Life is a repetitious mirage. A Farris wheel that keeps on spinning. And so does life repeat, same scenarios repeating over, and over, and over.

People will continue to have children without the means to offer those children a quality of life that is even remotely considered acceptable.

Relationships are repeated that are doomed to fail from the very start, and the steps leading into them, as well as out of them, are more reliable than any map you can buy; they meet, they gush, they profess love, they get abusive, the police come, he ends up in the watch house, she ends up on a friends couch. They split and repeat the process with another face.

Money is almost always the problem for the majority of people. They keep striving and chasing it, so it becomes a predictable, ongoing, lament.

So why?

Because life is but a version of the Ferris Wheel. It is a ridiculous repetition.

Look at it. Life starts with birth. You come from nothing. We go around and around, chasing our tails mostly, until it’s exit time. Birth, death, the wheel has done its loop. That’s the macro wheel, let’s call it. The large scale picture.

But within that macro wheel you have numerous micro ones. Like relationships, careers, achievements, failures, wars, peace deals, haircuts, keeping in shape, dieting and so forth.

In reality all these things are meaningless, all ridiculous, all without rhyme or reason; in reality life has no goals or reason for being. We have no reason for being here. But here we are.

So what is one to do?

Let me answer that with another question. What happens when you stop a Ferris Wheel?

That might sound a silly question but bear with me.

Imagine yourself on a Ferris Wheel, going around and around, up and down, carnival music playing, noise, laughter, kids screaming, couples canoodling. Then the wheel stops. You’re now stationary, sitting in the spot you were in when the lever got pushed to make the stop.

What would you see from your now stationary vantage point? Like in life, you’d see exactly where you are. You’d also see those around you. Observe what your situation is. You’d get your bearings and clearly see whats what and who’s who.

You would also be able to work out where you want to get to from here. If you’re on top and wanted to get down you could work out how, and vice versa. If you were in the middle, you could work on your next move calmly and with determination. And so on.

There is only one difference between the carnival Ferris Wheel and the Life Ferris Wheel. A major one. With the Ferris Wheel of life you are the one who operates the Stop / Go lever.

So exercise your power. Stop the wheel called life. Work out what is going on. Decide what you want and how to get there. Do not fear anything. If you don’t like what happens you can always push Go again and keep spinning.

Where you find yourself right now is of no consequence whatsoever.

The only thing that matters is to stop the mindless repetition and figure out another way, a better way.

The only way to put a stop to an illusion is to realise it is an illusion, and you can’t do that whilst engaging with it, being blinded by it.

The- It was right there, and then it wasn’t- deal is only a deal until you see it for hat it is. Nothing.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #57

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