The Thought I Woke Up With #56


There was a time, dear reader, when I thought happy-go-lucky people were, to put it kindly, a little confused.

I mean what kind of person doesn’t concern themselves with the future, the state of the nation, current affairs, the weather? Seriously. They were not only confused, they were irritating.

I mean, have you ever been around someone who’s always in a state of – She’ll be right mate. All good. Keep smiling, it’s a lovely day!

You’d wanna clip ‘em behind the left ear for no reason other than being irrits.

Not that you come across many such people, but occasionally it happens. When I look back on my then state of of mind, I realise how unkind my thoughts were. How intemperate.

And when I say my thoughts were unkind, I don’t mean they were only unkind towards the Happy-go-Lucky’s, they were unkind and injurious to myself.

Misery was comfortable. Normal.

I’d be perfectly at ease in company of those who had a few complaints, were fretting about the future, happened to be a little envious of those whose progress was put down to them being suckups, or, just plain lucky.

My then ideal comrades held some anger in their hearts towards pretty much everything and we washed it all down with liberal amounts of liquor. They do say misery loves company, right? Well, there’s definitely something to that.

You know what’s even more interesting tho? If you decide to get a little ego clean-up going and choose to substitute alcohol with, say, water and juices, tea or whatever. First question is, “What’s wrong?”


“Why don’t you want a drink?”

“Don’t fee like it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I don’t feel like drinking alcohol.”

With a look that screams, oh my god what’s really wrong with you, “Why?”

Then another friend chimes in. “He’s going to be priest, hahaha.”

Friend three contributes, “He can’t be a priest, priests drink wine … on the job!”

“Oh I wanna be a priest,” friend number one, who’s demeanour has now changed back from worrying about my sanity, says, “You get to wear dresses, drink wine and never work a day in your life.”

And so it goes. It’s amazing how much of the culture revolves around drinking. It’s like you can’t possibly have a good time without alcohol.

The point of the story being that getting into the so called “normal life, normal way, is easy. Getting out is the tough part. Everything is geared toward keeping you in the self-destruct mode.

And that is exactly why the happy-go-lucky people are not embraced; they are, when you examine it closer, looked upon as an anathema, by the ego.

You want to know how much ego hates and despises any form of happy? Any form of love? Here is the three step process it uses against either:

  • First Step-           Ridicule and mockery.
  • Second Step-      Anger and violence.
  • Third Step-         Destruction.

So next time you come across a happy-go-lucky person have a look at them. See what they are all about. They are well on their way to becoming a Watcher.

Watcher of mind that is.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #56

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