The Thought I Woke Up With #54

The art of love

Tell someone that you practise the art of love and you’ll get a coy smile, a wink and a nudge and “oh really now?” The mind automatically turns the sexual type of love or perhaps they think you’re about to crack a joke.

It’s the same if you say, make love not war; I’m a lover not a fighter, or any of the other similar love derivatives.

Every culture has categorised love. You love your husband, your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend in one way. For your children you have another kind of love. Yet another kind of love comes into play where your family, friends, country, religion or comrades in arms are concerned.

Love is categorized, stigmatized and displayed. It’s always displayed because ego parades love like an animal in a show ring, even those about to be executed are exhibited so as to show you that their killing is being done for the good and greater glory of something, or someone’s idea of a good and noble purpose. It just so happens however that that something or someone has an inglorious, infamous or inferior opposite. There is always someone or something to hate and battle against.

There is a specific reason for love being so sliced up and categorised, and the reason is to kill love.

You see in ego, love must be killed. Love cannot be allowed to show its face or glory. Because, glance upon the face of love just once, just once, and in that instant you remember who and what you are, and in that very instant you also see what ego is.

How can ego allow this? It cannot. Ant it does not. So it shows you it’s numerous versions of love.

The leaders of the world cannot allow true love to show itself. They cannot encourage this. These people live to divide. You have heard the saying, divide and conquer. It is a cliché. But clichés are things that hold within them grains of truth. World leaders must divide because that is the only way they can be what they are, have what they have and do what they do. Ugly. Disgusting things they are. But so it is.

Now look at love. True love. Real love. That love does not divide. Has nothing to conquer, nothing to prove.

Love Unites.

Just imagine for a moment, dear reader what a united world would look like, feel like; be like. There would be no hates, wars or distinctions based on religion, colour, creed or sexuality.

The worlds wealth would be spent on things that improve lives, improve health and ensure everyone, everywhere is as prosperous, happy and self-loving as anyone else. There would be no sweatshops, child labour or exploitation based on ones place of birth, skin of colour or circumstance.

Just imagine …

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #54

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