The Thought I Woke Up With #53

Things you can’t see

Isn’t it fascinating, bizarre even, that the things we can’t see, are the very things that turn a life on its ear.

These unseen things not only turn lives around on a daily bases; they end lives in a heartbeat, or, in really dark circumstances induce enormous pain and suffering to the point where death is a welcomed relief.

Equally, these unseen forces, can, and do, bring about ecstasy and bliss one cannot in their wildest dreams imagine.

One can go from misery to happiness, from hatred to love, sickness to health, failure to success, just like that (click fingers for effect).

And within those unseen forces rests mankind’s freedom, and slavery. Depending on which he chooses to cohabit with.

I used to become very annoyed at the word choice. To say I didn’t like it would be a serious understatement. Nor could I at one point comprehend the notion that I was the architect of my happiness and my misery. Why would anyone in their right mind put dirt on their own plate? I used ask myself, dismissing the notion that such a thing were even remotely possible.

Now I know that it’s not only possible, it is the way it is.

Mind is split. Part A remains connected to, and within Creation, where it has always been. Part B is in ego mode.

Why did this happen? The best answer right now is, who cares. The reason has no bearing whatsoever on your current situation. None. It’d be like a poisoned man searching for the perpetrator and the reason. Find the antidote first champion, then worry about the who and the why.

Instead, it is much better, and much more pleasant, to shoot for a worthy goal that is not only achievable but our destiny to be achieved; the getting out of ego goal.

Where to start?

Start by changing your mind. Right here, right now. Decide to want to be in the Right mind instead of the ego. Decide to change sides. Simple. Simple. Simple.

It may be simple but it’s not easy you may say.

True that. But it sure as heck beats the alternative; the living on the dark side.

Today’s topic is about the unseen forces running lives. And when I say run lives, I mean run lives. The key factor here however, is that both these forces, the light and the dark, are in your mind. Both are yours.


That means, Your Mind, Your Choice.

Cross the border … try Love … what have you got to lose?

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #53

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