The Thought I Woke Up With #51

Give me liberty or …

… give me death.

Strange thought for an Aussie to wake up with. But mind being mind, not much coming out of there should surprise. It is an unbridled instrument of power and surprise. Suffice it to say if humans reacted to every bizarre thought that fluttered in and out of mind there would be carnage out there. In that light an Aussie waking with an American thought is tame. It’s the message itself that’s the whole point. And the message, which I’ll get to momentarily, is poignant.

The line Give me liberty or give me death, is not only profoundly powerful, it is profoundly revolutionary as well, but even more than that, when taken to heart it is a life changer.

Indeed it was a life changer, literally, for young men who went to war as a result of the speech within which that adage was voiced.

Think about those words within another context however. Just consider for a moment, what would the result be if those words were applied to personal values and lifestyles. We all know that fear rules and ruins overall quality of life. Fear is in every facet of human life. We try and pretend it isn’t but deep down the truth is clear:

Until looked at truthfully and dispassionately, then dispelled bravely, fear will remain an ever-present evil. No life is exempt.

Think therefore if you decided that freedom from fear was your ultimate goal. The goal. The one thing you would do almost anything to achieve. The Give me freedom from fear or give me death, type goal.

What do you suppose would happen, if you did take up that goal as your very own? Or is even thinking about it too much? And fair enough if it is too much to contemplate.

This is the kind of thought mind doesn’t entertain as a matter of course. This thought, or any of its kin aren’t the kind to be invited into mind for a tea party. As a matter of fact it is a thought actively kept out of mind.

Yet the thought is far from foreign. If you live in the so-called free world for example, the freedoms you enjoy were, and continue to be, secured by men and women who made a fast and binding decision that either freedom or death were the only options; there were no others.

The concept is actually intriguing. Intriguing because everyone knows about it, admires it, and if allowed to be brutally honest with self is in awe of it. Yet very few, relatively speaking are prepared to commit to such a degree. Just goes to show how crushing the grip of fear is.

You could say there are two opposing forces, waging war upon the soul of man … Fear and Love.

So the reason this adage, Give me liberty or give me death, echoed so amazingly, so gloriously within the souls of men was because in truth it means– Give me Love or give me bondage.

What do you choose?

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #51

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