The Thought I Woke Up With #49

Badness has always been

The only time there was no badness in the world was while Adam wandered around the garden on his lonesome. As soon as his old man organized a partner, (was this the world’s precursor to arranged marriage?) for him to spend the rest of his days with, trouble came.

First bit of trouble was the snake. Badness that little crawler embodied. Got the happy couple turfed out of home.

Then Cain went and killed his brother Abel and from there badness opened the floodgates and the floodgates haven’t been slammed shut yet.

Here’s the interesting part though. If you were to believe everything you read, god the creator did most of the damage. He was the one that created the snake. Why?

He was the one who threw his kids out of the garden. What for? An apple. Really, dad?

He was the one favoured Abel’s sacrifice over Cain’s, knowing full well Cain had anger management, jealousy and psychosis issues.

Not to mention what he did with the floods, fires, droughts and pestilence. It’s a good thing he’s all about love. Imagine if dad-god ever got truly pissed?

Back to badness of the day however, it’s no use pretending it doesn’t exist. It does. Indeed when one looks around, with true and open eyes, it far outweighs the goodness. There isn’t anyone alive that hasn’t been touched by it. Not one out of seven and a half billion. That has got to say something, doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing. Badness, like the alleged god who hates, envies, favours and kills is a figment of the ego imagination.

It is no different from the cultures that believe others can kill them by cursing, pointing the bone at them, etcetera. Do those things sound ridiculous to you? A bunch of mumbo-jumbo?  If they do sound like that to you, they shouldn’t. And here is why. If you believe in something, you make it real.

If you believe a curse can disable or kill, it can. If you believe voodoo can do you in; it can.

If you have, buried deep in your psyche the belief that you aren’t worthy of love, health and plenty, you will not have any of those.

If you believe anger and violence solve problems, guess what?

And so it goes.

Badness is nothing but a belief. It is as simple, and as complex as that.

The tragedy of life is that Love, the one thing that solves everything, literally, without pain or anger, seems so far out of reach. Now isn’t that a twisted thought to live with.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #49

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