The Thought I Woke Up With #48

The new beginning was yesterday

It’s good to be reminded about certain things every now and then. Like todays wake-up thought did for example. The core of this reminder is that lives are lived predominantly functioning in one of two mind states; it’s either fret or fantasize.

That is to say human beings, for the most part, live and as a matter of course function, either thinking about the past or imagining the future. It isn’t a pastime, a hobby or some fun and frivolity thing we engage in– it’s a way of life.

Now tell me. What actually happens in either of those two states?

By that I mean what actual, real and productive activity takes place when one is  mentally in the past? What good comes from obsessing over and dissecting events that happened years ago? That’s right. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Likewise obsessing and imagining the future. What’s it good for? Many sports people are specially predisposed to this. They visualise, see themselves winning, look on themselves holding the winners cup, crossing the line first, scoring a goal, hitting a home run, hitting someone and knocking them out, that sort of thing.

Business also does the future thing; calls it budgeting. Great many hours are spent budgeting. There’s top down budgeting, bottom up budgeting, zero budgeting, capital budgeting, public budgeting, programme budgeting, sales budgeting and so on.

Here is a budget fun fact, budgets almost never work out, they mostly underperform. And if you’re a salesperson trying to make budget, good luck.

The only bigger joke than most budgets are political budgets. Talk about tales told by chronic liars.

Another group worth a mention, because it’s a huge business, this taking advantage of people and exploiting their fears: The Law of Attraction. Essentially this is about deciding you want something then attracting that future success and material value to yourself; think abundant and abundance will be yours. If this were true there would be hordes of wealthy, happy and enlightened humans. There aren’t because it doesn’t work. It’s just fantasizing. If this stuff works why are its proponents relying on fees from followers to make their fortunes? Or is exploitation of the unsuspecting part of the deal?

Now I’m not saying that doing a little planning is a bad thing. Buying wood if you have a wood-burning stove before winter arrives is always a smart thing to do. Doing the weekly grocery shopping helps if you want to feed the kids. Saving money for something you want to have or do in the future or having enough to pay the electricity bill, those sorts of things.

Remember this also. Spending most of one’s life in the past and the future does offer a guarantee. A gold plated one. It guarantees a sad and sorry life. A wasted life.

Nothing happens in the future and nothing happened in the past. Everything happens in the now.

So, the new beginning didn’t happen yesterday. It will not happen today, nor will it happen tomorrow. There is no such thing. There are no new beginnings. There are only ego versions of the same story being retold using the same plot but different scenery and characters.

Instead of thinking about and waiting for new beginnings we need to start spending time in the now. In the moment. In the breath. Pay attention to what is going on in the instant within which you find yourself now. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday, but right now.

As the great Jim Rohn was fond of saying, Wherever you are, be there.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #48

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