The Thought I Woke Up With #47


As I woke with this thought on my mind this morning, the very next one was, Can you really hate someone enough to do terrible things to them?

The follow-up thought sorted that out immediately, bringing to mind reflections of wars, terrorists, scorned ex’s and so forth, and then I thought, What a silly question that was.

On thinking it through further it seems to me that the ones who hate so deeply, so evilly, so venomously and mindlessly are also something else. Something not often enough brought to the light.

All deep haters are extreme and profound cowards and liars.

By labelling them that I mean, have you ever seen, or heard about, an evildoer who actually admitted they were perpetrating their vile deeds because they were driven by personal hates and self-gratification? I’ll bet you haven’t.

Hate filled creatures always, but always, blame something or someone else, or, they proclaim to be doing what they are doing in the name of something or other.

You want to talk about the ultimate violation of divinity? These simple-minded persons pray to, beseech and implore their gods feverishly, overtly, and noisily, for strength to distress their fellow man, brutalize children and violate women. Asking to be given means and ways to carry out crucifixions, burnings and other vile acts of murder and mayhem.

The same applies to the ones that blow themselves up so as to kill and maim as many around them as they can, or walk into a coffee shop, restaurant or some other peaceful public place and harm as many people as they are able.

And what about the mind-diseased ones who kill men and women for no reason other than, our god hates gays?

There are no words to explain or describe such moronic behaviour, behaviour that is a stain on humanity.

Let us for a moment try and make believe that these minions of evil are right. Just for a second and for the purpose of the exercise let’s try and understand. Close your eyes and endeavour to get it. Go ahead. Try it.

You couldn’t could you? No reasonably self adjusted human can. You know why? Because no reasonably adjusted and honest human can do anything on behalf of something else. The only way a human being can achieve and do anything is if they, themselves want to do it.

Hate preachers preach hate because they like it. It gives them a godly boner. They love preaching hate and spewing out bile. That’s what they do. That’s what they get off on.

Subsequently, their followers love listening to it. It fires them up, gives them an excuse to express their dark, demented and dangerous ego minds.

Hey bro, hear what the preacher said at the prayer hall today?

Yeah bro. Let’s go poofter bashing tonight.

Forget the bashing bro. He said it’s alright to kill em. Got the AK-47, still?

Hell yeah.

Praise god, bro.

Yeah bro, god is good.

Now tell me how that makes sense, dear reader? It doesn’t. These are simple minded, cowards, using god and scripture to be what they truly want to be, and do what they truly want to do.

It is no different with the ones who destroy lives of family and friends because someone stops loving them. They kill because of love. Seriously? Others stop loving them because they don’t earn it. When a reasonable human gets de-loved, it hurts. And it stings like a bitch. But they don’t pick up a weapon and start a shooting spree.

Blaming love for devious and deadly acts is about as weak and ignorant as it gets.

Blame is the name of the game though. Blame and, abdicating responsibility AND the people of this world letting evil to thrive.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #47

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