The Thought I Woke Up With #46

Give up

If Give up were a person it would be a spy. But not just any old garden variety spy; a double agent, capable of working with equal zest, zeal and affect for both good and evil alike.

My reasoning for seeing give up in such a light is its ability to mean such vastly different things and bring about such vastly different results. Deep rooted, soul deep outcomes.

For starters, in Australia the term give-up means a snitch. A two faced so-and-so who’d betray their own mother if it meant benefitting themselves.

Then we have the more traditional meaning of it, to surrender, admit defeat or give up on someone or something, to give up on love or even life itself.

Within those contexts give up is about as negative and as defeatist as it gets.

But just as we risk riding into the depths of negativity on the back of Give up, let’s whip that bad boy around and turn the mind to the great and glorious heights of greatness and ecstasy that same pony can take us to.

Let’s consider instead; since giving up smoking I’ve never felt better. My liver and wallet haven’t stopped thanking me since I gave up drinking. If I hadn’t given up the drugs I’d have been dead by now for sure. Giving up going to the local fat food joint as well as my midnight strolls to the fridge has saved me from a heart attack.

Yessir, giving up that stuff was the most powerful and self-empowering thing I have ever done. Geez it was hard, but I did it, and I’m proud. Wish I’d given up before. There aren’t many things more rewarding or more satisfying, I believe, than giving up certain habits or things that adversely impact ones life and being able to say, I did it. I gave that up.

As wonderful, empowering and healthy as giving up the abovementioned, as well as other negatively impacting, habits and lifestyles can be, they pale into insignificance compared to what must be given up in order to achieve enlightenment and subsequent reunion with the Creator– that being, the giving up of the belief that this ego life is real.

As countless others before me have said, ego isn’t real. Ego is an illusion. A dream the sons and daughters of Creation have allowed themselves to fall into. And I absolutely believe that to be true. However, and there is always a but, even when you spell it as however … as long as you believe the dream to be true, for you it is true and must therefore be released, given up.

And it is within that context that Give up takes on the wings of joy and glory and takes you to the gates of Creation itself.

I leave you with this dear reader:

To hear the gentle chorus of love’s refrain, one must first give up the confines of egos hall of pain.

Until tomorrow,



The Thought I Woke Up With #46

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