The Thought I Woke Up With #45

Love vs In-Love

It’s a safe bet to say that almost everyone has felt love. Some more often than others perhaps but none the less everyone has felt it in some shape or form. Love for a child, parent, friend, a pet, partner, lover, country, brother, a sporting team, that kind of thing.

It’s the kind of love that fills one with strong fillings of affection, passion, protection, desire and caring. It’s an intensity that is second to none. It’s indeed a beautiful and awesome thing.

Than there is the other, the once in an entire lifetime occurrence, the being In-love.

Let me clarify. Being in love isn’t related to the soul mate, twin flame or any other kind of let’s set the soul ablaze way or theory. Those concepts would fall under the love banner.

I am talking specifically about being IN LOVE.

Nor am I playing around with semantics here. Life’s too short and truth too important for word games and oh so clever verbal jousts.

Also, when I say being in-love is a once in a lifetime thing, I say it advisedly. And here is why. You can love many people and many things, but you can ever only be in-love with one, once.

Being in love is about as close to being in Creation as it gets.

I was listening to an Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler interview. At one point Emmy said something like; When you get two unique voices together, you get a third voice. Being in love is like that, when two join, truly, they create a third energy. This third energy is kind of like a holy ground, beyond this world and its puny doings. The two are still in this world but are no longer completely of it.

This isn’t love on a stick; a thing paraded about and overtly exhibited for the world to see, swoon over, or be jealous about. This love is sincere, quiet, blissful, profound and deeply ecstatic. It requires no nightclubs, flashy lights, expensive gifts or news cameras.

In this energy sex isn’t a vehicle for expressing love but rather love expresses itself through sex.

Being in love means being out of time, out of ego and out of mind. Being in love means being in the now.

Can one spend 24/7 in this cosmic love shack? This third-space I am writing about?

Short answer is no.

There is a very good reason for that. Whilst on Earth we still need to function within its laws and limitations. Gravity is still gravity, air is till air and words are still required to communicate with fellow humans.

Mostly however, whilst you still find yourself here means you still have some purpose to fulfil. What one discovers though is that carrying out the tasks and chores associated with their purpose is no longer a burden.

You will carry out your tasks and obligations with a song on your lips and good cheer in your heart. You will not be a beast of burden but an eagle in the sky.

Now, when I express these things, do I mean everyone who does not fall in-love is doomed to shovelling dung and trudging through eternity emptying life’s honey buckets?

No! Different folks different paths.

That said, there is one thing common to all. The one commonality every single human on the planet shares— Everyone will get to know Love, in their own way, in their own time. Everyone returns home.

We are all brothers and sisters. No man will be left behind.

To those destined for the Third-Space … Enjoy!


Until tomorrow,

The Thought I Woke Up With #45

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