The Thought I Woke Up With #42

I’ll always back you if …

… you’re on my team.

I’ll always back you. No matter what, if you are part of my team.

There are other versions of this saying other than, team. I will always back you if you’re my brother (this one signifying brotherhood through an organization such as sporting, military or otherwise and is at times asexual but not biological).

It is an interesting phenomenon how humans will come to blows if someone pushes in line at the supermarket checkout but will willingly lay their life on the line for someone just because that person is a member of their soccer club. We’re a weird mob, as we say in Australia.

Then of course you have the military, perse. Some will try and tell you these folks do what they do because it is their job. No matter how hard I try I cannot see it as that. When men and women pull on a uniform, go off to some godforsaken place and sacrifice their lives on behalf of their fellow man- that is beyond any job description. That is something beyond duty even.

Equally, services such as fire fighting, ambulance, rescue services, and others that dedicate themselves to the service of others, all fall into this category.

So what is it that drives people to sacrifice themselves on behalf of others whom are at times total strangers? I don’t believe it’s money, recognition or power. People kill for those things but they don’t readily risk, and lose their lives for them.

To my way of thinking, the reason is Love.

They may not see it as that, call it that or think about it as such but there is nothing more powerful or compelling than Love.

Think about it. What else makes sense?

As they say:

Greater love has no man than this— that he lay down his life for his friends.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #42

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