The Thought I Woke Up With #41

Fragility of Life

I’ll start this post, dear reader, with a question. What is the most fragile thing you can think of?

What comes to mind? A snowflake? A butterfly, emotions, dreams, a feather, a dandelion bulb?

All of the above are fragile, and one could develop quite a lengthy list of other things fragile. If however, you’ve thought life, we are on the same wavelength.

Life itself is the most fragile thing. Think about it. You can be sitting there peacefully, enjoying the moment, not bothering anyone or any-thing and out of the clear blue sky a piece of news, a crazy person, an out of control vehicle, and bam! Your life hits turbulence or is indeed changed forever. Or worse. And none of it is your doing. Stuff just happens, as they say. Often in great lumpy bits.

Something seemingly inconsequential and random as a small patch of oil on the road surface can be a catalyst for a life changing experience. Not to mention a severely painful one. Just ask me, I’ll tell you about that one.

Here we are shouting about our might and right, making long-range plans, building weaponry so powerful it can destroy the entire planet with one bang, now there’s a genius goal, behaving as if we’re in control of everything, and a natural disaster hits. There you go, Mother Nature says, control that! Immediate life change, or mass life endings.

Or a politician changes a law that robs you of a good chunk of your savings or makes it almost impossible to buy vital medicine. The economy takes a dive. A pandemic arrives. A political or religious decision is made in some backroom somewhere with deadly outcomes. How about lunatics with access to weapons of mass destruction deciding to use them?

There are almost as many ways to turn a life upside down as there are humans.

Finally, if all else bypasses you, and if does I’d love to know about it, there’s the big bopper. The big cheese. Our good mate the Grim Reaper. No one gets past this dude.

So instead of embracing the fact that this is a planet of the fragile, populated by half crazed with fear individuals, we instead deny, deflect and make believe like we’re invincible.

And you know one of the classic denial and deflecting tactics? Judgment.

Judgement is one of ego’s key henchmen when it comes to deflecting from the fragility of the self and hiding from the resultant primal fear lurking within. 

Everything is deflected. Projected out.

It’s like. I know I’m weak, it terrifies me but instead of accepting that and searching for strength, I project weakness upon someone else, thereby making them weak and myself strong.

We work 24/7 on denying, and hiding from, our fragility. It terrifies us.


Excellent question to start with.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #41

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