The Thought I Woke Up With #39


Now, let’s get this straight right up front. To all the ladies reading this, and men for that matter, for this is 2016 after all and they keep telling us we’re a liberated and liberal society, what I know about lipstick you can fit in one word—Nothing.

Not entirely true, I know that some shades I like to see on ladies and some don’t seem to suit as well. But that’s not really knowing something about a topic is it? That’s more your personal preference type deal, so my opening statement is probably accurate.

The other mystery relative to this post is why I’d wake with lippy on my mind? I suspect mind or someone/something, has a sense of humour; let’s see what he does with this, hahaha.

It’s interesting to learn that lipstick dates back some five thousand years, give or take. They reckon the ancient Sumerian men and women were the first to wear it. Sumer was the site of modern-day Iraq and Kuwait. It is said to be the cradle of civilisation.

The lipstick Sumerians came up with was made from crushed gems, which they applied to their lips and around the eyes. Men and women wore it, which prompts the question; if it were normal for both sexes to wear makeup 5000 years ago why does the allegedly modern society stigmatize?

Also the women of the Indus Valley Civilisation, one of the first three civilisations, wore a red tinted lipstick. That was between 3000 BC and 1500 BC. I must admit the darker shade of red does make a statement. Again, a personal thing. Far be it for me to make fashion statements and judgements, I have trouble choosing between blue and black jeans to wear.

And there was Cleopatra, the one and only, she was into the lipstick. Hers was blood red, (she had style) and had crushed bugs as key ingredient. For those into the conservation of all things living I apologize for any angst caused by this news. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Things went along swimmingly until the 19th century, particularly in England, from where the custom spread, when it became improper for respectable women to wear lipstick and makeup at all. It was considered totally unacceptable, brazen and uncouth for ladies to wear cosmetics at all. Only actors and prostitutes were given leeway with it. I have no comment to make about respectability at this point because to start would send me off on a torrent of ire and expletive unsuitable for a relaxing Sunday, except to say the duplicity of some boggles the mind.

Interestingly, when you consider human history, certain things remain eerily identical. Some remain firmly stuck with the archaic customs of the 19th century where women not only aren’t permitted cosmetics they are not permitted to show their faces in public. The other end of that spectrum are the ones who wear next to nothing and have millions flocking to view selfies of their not so private privates.

Where’s the balance? Somewhere between the extremes? Somewhere in he middle?


There never has been a balance and there never will be a balance here. This is the planet of the unbalanced. That’s just the way it is and that’s just the way it will continue to be.

The only balance. The only peace, is within the Self, lipstick and all.


Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #39

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