The Thought I Woke Up With #37

Broken People

Most everyone has heard the saying ‘The law is an ass.’ You betcha. Have a look at these laws as an example : Touching electrified wires that cause instant death is a $200 fine. What? They going to ferret about the dead persons pockets? Mind you, there was a case of a police officer tickling a corpse. Turned him on he said. So I suppose finding applicants to go through the pockets of the dead wouldn’t be a problem.

In Victoria, Australia it is illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday on Sunday and only a licensed electrician is allowed to change a light bulb. Following that legal brilliance all the way through then, should your light bulb go at 12:01pm, on a Sunday, and your electrician is wearing hot pink hotpants you’re stuck in the dark until first thing Monday.

The above three examples are just part of pages and pages of stupid laws throughout the world.

Then you have the education system. The very first thing they teach you there is obedience. If you sit up straight, don’t talk, line-up correctly and do as told … gold star for you! Show that to mummy and daddy, you little champion you.

Next thing you learn there is that success comes from the approval of others. Like dogs in training, reward and punishment comes through pleasing those in positions of power and authority. Colour-in between the lines, be polite and co-operative, don’t ask questions teachers can’t answer, make sure your homework is nice and neat and you’ll get that gold star on your forehead again. As education progresses it continues; get good marks in what they call important subjects, do extra work, see the careers advisor, go to university, strive for a serious career. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov would be proud.

Then we get to career. Here the rules, regulations, policies and systems not only intensify they bury you in them. The only way to survive is to accept and obey. Do that and boy, you get the keys to the kingdom. Don’t do it and you get kicked around until you do submit, at which time it’s too late for the keys and the gold watch, but you’re just glad for the kicks to stop. That’s the reward in itself. Like that old saying, what’s the best thing about banging your head against the brick wall? Stopping.

Why am I writing about laws, education and careers when the heading is Broken Man? Because dear reader these absolutes in our lives, these things that shape us are the very things used to break us. Our parents were so conditioned and broken, their parents before them and so on and so on and so on, all the way back to the amebae.

Laws are required because humans do terrible things to one another, we know that. Ask yourself however, why so many and why such a depth of intrusion? Also ask yourself, why aren’t peace, love and tranquillity taught in schools? If there must be conditioning why aren’t things of that nature the curriculum? The answer is simple, whom would they send to kill and die for those who get rich and powerful through wars and conflicts. Peaceful people don’t do war. Peaceful people don’t need religion. Peaceful people aren’t going to do-or-die for a business. Peaceful people spread peace and love.

Equally, freethinking, free expression, limitless potential and free existence, is not taught. Again the reason is that a freethinking person doesn’t depend on anyone to do his or her thinking. There is no ring in the nose of a free thinker. To that end a free thinker is even more dangerous to the ego system than a peacenik. A freethinking person cannot be controlled. Freethinking therefore cannot be allowed.

Never forget dear reader, you are in the ego system. It is a self-induced, delusional thought system. This system must be looked at seriously in order for it to be seen accurately and subsequently cleansed from your mind.

The very reason the ego delusion continues is because it isn’t looked at truly. Look upon it truly, just once, and the road to recovery will be taken immediately.

Seeing others as broken and flawed whilst seeing oneself as whole is a classic ego trick; a result of conditioning; as long as one projects and judges one doesn’t look at reality.

A circus lion and the lion in the wild may be the same species, they may even have the same father and mother. But that’s where the comparison ends. One is still in the wild, in its natural environment, doing and being what it was created to do and be. The other has been trained to function in an unnatural environment responding to cracking whips and harsh threatening commands.

Your ego-self and your Higher Self are also of the same origin. The Higher Self remains in Creation, being and doing what the Creator intended for it to do and be, while the ego self is like that circus animal; performing and pretending.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #37

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