The Thought I Woke Up With #33

Deep Water

Can someone please call Noah!

Tell him that all that joking and jesting about him, his boat, him carting a pair of every living animal on Earth for 40 days and 40 nights while god was busy drowning everything alive was just that, joking and jesting. No harm done. We love him.

Tell the old boy that we all down here are grateful to him, and I know my K9 buddy Lester is and Max the canary is, and we haven’t forgotten that indirectly Noah is our daddy, on account he had to get down and repopulate the Earth, with the help of his wife, sons and daughters in law. Good job, stud.

Tell that good ole boy that his boat building services are required in Sydney, Australia.

Torrential rains over the last 48 hours have seen my hometown drenched, battered and wind damaged. Record rainfalls, people having to be rescued from rooves of houses and evacuated from several suburbs.

One interesting phenomena has been people trying to drive through flooded areas of road, getting stuck and having to be rescued.

It is something that happens world over and it’s weird. They wouldn’t drive through a fire hazard, and water can be just as dangerous, yet usually responsible people seem to see it as some kind of fun to drive headlong into a puddle, the depth of which they have no idea about.

I have a theory on that. Apart from a bottle of red, a nice log fire and a special friend, fire is considered out of bounds and dangerous. Anything above lukewarm is not to be trusted. As for naked flames – forget about it. Water on the other hand is nothing like that.

Water is seen as romantic, life giving, tranquil. Water and moonlight. Songs and poems are written about it. Splish splash taking a bath. Mystics use it to heal troubled souls. Babies are washed in it. We go to the beach to play and relax. To the lake to picnic, BBQ and water-ski. We take cruises on it and have romantic flings by its shores and banks. The last thing you think of when you think about water is, killer here!

Even god chose to murder everything and everyone on the planet (except Noah, his family and a pair of each animal) with water. It looks kinder, gentler. God couldn’t be seen as some kind of irresponsible, criminal arsonist; a pyromaniac frying his creations.

But water can kill, and we need to be mindful of that.

Water has also been used for not so gentle purposes, effectively. It has been an efficient torture method since the dawn of time. Torture methods such as Chinese water torture, forced water ingestion, forced dunking, water boarding, the ice-water cure, chilling people in cold baths, cold water showers. And of course driving into a bunch of it across a road isn’t always going to end well. We’re slow learners.

Another thing this deluge has reinforced is that no matter the technological and scientific advancements mankind has made, when Mother Nature cuts loose only thing for a human to do is cover up and say, yes ma’am. Nothing calms this mama down until she’s done.

Nature still rules. And that’s alright by me.

Until tomorrow,



The Thought I Woke Up With #33

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