The Thought I Woke Up With #31


Today I’ll tell you about Max. Leastways I believe it’s Max. It could well be Maxine for all I know. Either way though the name Max is cool, it covers either sex.

Max is a canary. Here too however there is conjecture, I have been unreliably informed that Max is a bird of a more exotic variety.

Even the way Max got to be my bird, is steeped in controversy. You see Max was given as a present to my granddaughter. Unfortunately she didn’t take to him (or her) and decided to offload her gift to me. For a price. Her reasoning is, I buy the bird, look after and care for it, and whenever she comes to visit she gets to enjoy it, or ignore it. But there is also a caveat, albeit unspoken, to this deal; she gets the bird back unencumbered and of course free of charge should she ever decide that she wants it after all.

For someone so young, this little girl blows me away. That she just happens to be my granddaughter has nothing to with anything of course. No bias here … not much anyway.

Now, I’ve never had a creature, other than dogs, in my life before. Have had a dog most of my life.

There was a cat once, but he was my grandmother’s and I was very young.

So getting used to Max took a little time. My main issue was the fact Max was caged. It bothered me. When I suggested I release him it was pointed out that he would fly away and wouldn’t last long left to his own devices. This little guy was bred in a cage and that’s all he knows.

Looking at Max, he certainly seems happy enough. He spills more food than he eats, has water, a bell, a mirror, cross bars and a ladder to occupy him.

Mostly though, Max is a magnificent songbird. This little guy has the best tunes I have ever heard. They cheer you up. In many ways Max is a wonderful addition to the family, if only it wasn’t for the cage.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #31

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