The Thought I Woke Up With #28


I woke up with a hello this morning. Yes I did. And it was nice.

It also got me thinking that if Hello was a person it would be one of those friendly, welcoming, feel-good, a must at every party type person. Think about it, what sort of a party would it be without Hello? Doesn’t bare thinking about.

It has also occurred to me that hello is diverse, bilingual, and one of the friendliest words going around. It is the Switzerland of words; it has no enemies. Everyone loves Hello. Be you in New Orleans, New Delhi, Newfoundland, New Plymouth, the deep jungle or downtown Sydney, say hello and the ice is broken.

One of the key reasons for Hello’s likability is its emotional honesty. If you are a little down for example your hello will portray it, in a good way, and before you know it you’ll be getting a friendly ear and kind word to help you along.

Or when boy meets girl. His hello let’s her know there’s something brewing. Her hello either reciprocates or let’s him know right there on the starting line, Nothing doing here boyo, keep walking.

A person who has just got a promotion or scored a great new job will resinate their joy with his or her hello.

Also, hello can take on a special, private and delicious meaning between two people. He says hello with that little secret indentation in the pronunciation, she smiles coyly, no other words required.

Indeed a beautiful word is our Hello.

Think about it, dear reader. You hear, banker, lawyer, used car salesman, and what do you feel and think? You automatically hold your purse or wallet a little tighter, rightly or wrongly. And what about the word politician? Let’s not even go there.

Many have tried to dislodge our friend Hello from the top. But those imitators and wannabe usurpers have all come up sadly short. Like Ciao for example. Poor ciao, confused at best, trying to be all things to all people, means hello and goodbye.

Salutations, a tad pretentions and used mainly by the upper crust of society, enough said.

How’s tricks? Good, how’s your rash? Like all tricksters this one didn’t get too far.

How are you? This isn’t a greeting, it’s an invitation to a lengthy recitation of someone’s ills, aches, pains and life hardships.

Aloha. Aloha is nice, friendly and very warm. It doesn’t go well in not so friendly climates.

Well, look at you. Hey, you don’t look so hot yourself sparky.

There she / he is! Oh my god a robbery. Dive for cover!

Namaste. Namawho? Namawhat? How do I pronounce that?

Good morning / evening / afternoon. What’s so good about it? My dog’s sick as a … I’ve just been evicted. The car’s broken down by the side of the road and I’ve go no money.

The one word, if you can call it that, that came the closest to staging a successful coup d’état was Hi! This interloper almost did it, come close and has in fact established a beachhead. But it isn’t the same as the good old, everyone mate, Hello.

Hi! Needs an exclamation mark to have an impact. It knows it isn’t the real deal. It’s like it suffers from the second child syndrome; no matter how hard it tries it’ll never be the first.

Hello rules. Hail Hello.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #28

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