The Thought I Woke Up With #57

It was right there, and then …

… it wasn’t.

How often has it happened? There you are, enveloped by passion so blind, so rapturous you’re sure it’s the Rhapsody of Amor, inspired by Venus, conducted stridently by Mars and played by an orchestra of cupids. You got it. You cannot but surrender yourself to it. Then, nine months later– Surprise! Nappies, baby mucus and midnight feeds. Where’d it go?

Or how about when the most solemn commitments are made, rings exchanged, vows given before god and man. Until death do us part, even. Long before death arrives however, to rip and tear the eternal love apart, a cute work colleague with shapely bits and gym bought abs slinks in and one is left with court ordered alimony, no house or Harley and enough acrimony to make the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote look like best of mates.

Then there’s the caviar, Lamborghini and roasted Huhu Grubs lifestyle, changed at the whim of a fickle stock market, and it’s back to spam sandwiches washed down with a tall glass of tap water.

Life is fickle. Life is illusory. Life is a repetitious mirage. A Farris wheel that keeps on spinning. And so does life repeat, same scenarios repeating over, and over, and over.

People will continue to have children without the means to offer those children a quality of life that is even remotely considered acceptable.

Relationships are repeated that are doomed to fail from the very start, and the steps leading into them, as well as out of them, are more reliable than any map you can buy; they meet, they gush, they profess love, they get abusive, the police come, he ends up in the watch house, she ends up on a friends couch. They split and repeat the process with another face.

Money is almost always the problem for the majority of people. They keep striving and chasing it, so it becomes a predictable, ongoing, lament.

So why?

Because life is but a version of the Ferris Wheel. It is a ridiculous repetition.

Look at it. Life starts with birth. You come from nothing. We go around and around, chasing our tails mostly, until it’s exit time. Birth, death, the wheel has done its loop. That’s the macro wheel, let’s call it. The large scale picture.

But within that macro wheel you have numerous micro ones. Like relationships, careers, achievements, failures, wars, peace deals, haircuts, keeping in shape, dieting and so forth.

In reality all these things are meaningless, all ridiculous, all without rhyme or reason; in reality life has no goals or reason for being. We have no reason for being here. But here we are.

So what is one to do?

Let me answer that with another question. What happens when you stop a Ferris Wheel?

That might sound a silly question but bear with me.

Imagine yourself on a Ferris Wheel, going around and around, up and down, carnival music playing, noise, laughter, kids screaming, couples canoodling. Then the wheel stops. You’re now stationary, sitting in the spot you were in when the lever got pushed to make the stop.

What would you see from your now stationary vantage point? Like in life, you’d see exactly where you are. You’d also see those around you. Observe what your situation is. You’d get your bearings and clearly see whats what and who’s who.

You would also be able to work out where you want to get to from here. If you’re on top and wanted to get down you could work out how, and vice versa. If you were in the middle, you could work on your next move calmly and with determination. And so on.

There is only one difference between the carnival Ferris Wheel and the Life Ferris Wheel. A major one. With the Ferris Wheel of life you are the one who operates the Stop / Go lever.

So exercise your power. Stop the wheel called life. Work out what is going on. Decide what you want and how to get there. Do not fear anything. If you don’t like what happens you can always push Go again and keep spinning.

Where you find yourself right now is of no consequence whatsoever.

The only thing that matters is to stop the mindless repetition and figure out another way, a better way.

The only way to put a stop to an illusion is to realise it is an illusion, and you can’t do that whilst engaging with it, being blinded by it.

The- It was right there, and then it wasn’t- deal is only a deal until you see it for hat it is. Nothing.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #57

The Thought I Woke Up With #56


There was a time, dear reader, when I thought happy-go-lucky people were, to put it kindly, a little confused.

I mean what kind of person doesn’t concern themselves with the future, the state of the nation, current affairs, the weather? Seriously. They were not only confused, they were irritating.

I mean, have you ever been around someone who’s always in a state of – She’ll be right mate. All good. Keep smiling, it’s a lovely day!

You’d wanna clip ‘em behind the left ear for no reason other than being irrits.

Not that you come across many such people, but occasionally it happens. When I look back on my then state of of mind, I realise how unkind my thoughts were. How intemperate.

And when I say my thoughts were unkind, I don’t mean they were only unkind towards the Happy-go-Lucky’s, they were unkind and injurious to myself.

Misery was comfortable. Normal.

I’d be perfectly at ease in company of those who had a few complaints, were fretting about the future, happened to be a little envious of those whose progress was put down to them being suckups, or, just plain lucky.

My then ideal comrades held some anger in their hearts towards pretty much everything and we washed it all down with liberal amounts of liquor. They do say misery loves company, right? Well, there’s definitely something to that.

You know what’s even more interesting tho? If you decide to get a little ego clean-up going and choose to substitute alcohol with, say, water and juices, tea or whatever. First question is, “What’s wrong?”


“Why don’t you want a drink?”

“Don’t fee like it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I don’t feel like drinking alcohol.”

With a look that screams, oh my god what’s really wrong with you, “Why?”

Then another friend chimes in. “He’s going to be priest, hahaha.”

Friend three contributes, “He can’t be a priest, priests drink wine … on the job!”

“Oh I wanna be a priest,” friend number one, who’s demeanour has now changed back from worrying about my sanity, says, “You get to wear dresses, drink wine and never work a day in your life.”

And so it goes. It’s amazing how much of the culture revolves around drinking. It’s like you can’t possibly have a good time without alcohol.

The point of the story being that getting into the so called “normal life, normal way, is easy. Getting out is the tough part. Everything is geared toward keeping you in the self-destruct mode.

And that is exactly why the happy-go-lucky people are not embraced; they are, when you examine it closer, looked upon as an anathema, by the ego.

You want to know how much ego hates and despises any form of happy? Any form of love? Here is the three step process it uses against either:

  • First Step-           Ridicule and mockery.
  • Second Step-      Anger and violence.
  • Third Step-         Destruction.

So next time you come across a happy-go-lucky person have a look at them. See what they are all about. They are well on their way to becoming a Watcher.

Watcher of mind that is.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #56

The Thought I Woke Up With #55


Friendship means different things to different people. Some will tell you they have many friends. Others use the word with gay abandon; he’s friend of mine, she’s a friend of mine. When did you meet them? Oh, about an hour ago. To these folks everyone they chat with is a friend.

This type of “friendship,” is in truth anything but. It is using a word for the sake of using a word. Like the term “Have a nice day,” started of as a warm and positive way to start a day and ended up a cheap cliche so is friendship within this context a shallow nothing.

There is another, you could say more serious cross-section of people, that holds the word friend to a much higher, more meaningful standard. To them a friend is someone they are particularly close to, can share just about anything with and would do almost anything for. Here friend, and friendship, has deep and binding meaning. Oftentimes these people are closer to their friends than to members of their families.

There is a distinction to be made however between a friendship and being friendly. The two are distinctly different. To be in a friendship, is to be in a relationship. A friendship depends on another individual. Strictly. That doesn’t mean one cannot be in a friendship with several people; one most certainly can, however, each friendship has a distinctive feel and nuance. To offer a crude example, a despot may have his chief henchman as a friend, as well as being in a friendship with a loving and caring physician whose only purpose in life is to save lives.

Being friendly on the other hand depends on no one. A friendly person is a friendly person. Full stop.

Like a fragrant rose gives off its sweet scent whether someone is passing by or not these individuals are friendly whether alone, in groups, with animals or nature. They are always affable, gentle and kindly.

You could go as far as to say that genuinely friendly people are ahead of the curve because to be friendly to that which surrounds you, you need to be friendly with, and within, yourself.

As one cannot give away something that he or she does not have, neither can one offer friendliness and all that goes with it, without having that quality within the self.

Friendliness radiates, gently envelops and kindly offers itself to everything, and everyone with whom it comes into contact.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #55

The Thought I Woke Up With #54

The art of love

Tell someone that you practise the art of love and you’ll get a coy smile, a wink and a nudge and “oh really now?” The mind automatically turns the sexual type of love or perhaps they think you’re about to crack a joke.

It’s the same if you say, make love not war; I’m a lover not a fighter, or any of the other similar love derivatives.

Every culture has categorised love. You love your husband, your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend in one way. For your children you have another kind of love. Yet another kind of love comes into play where your family, friends, country, religion or comrades in arms are concerned.

Love is categorized, stigmatized and displayed. It’s always displayed because ego parades love like an animal in a show ring, even those about to be executed are exhibited so as to show you that their killing is being done for the good and greater glory of something, or someone’s idea of a good and noble purpose. It just so happens however that that something or someone has an inglorious, infamous or inferior opposite. There is always someone or something to hate and battle against.

There is a specific reason for love being so sliced up and categorised, and the reason is to kill love.

You see in ego, love must be killed. Love cannot be allowed to show its face or glory. Because, glance upon the face of love just once, just once, and in that instant you remember who and what you are, and in that very instant you also see what ego is.

How can ego allow this? It cannot. Ant it does not. So it shows you it’s numerous versions of love.

The leaders of the world cannot allow true love to show itself. They cannot encourage this. These people live to divide. You have heard the saying, divide and conquer. It is a cliché. But clichés are things that hold within them grains of truth. World leaders must divide because that is the only way they can be what they are, have what they have and do what they do. Ugly. Disgusting things they are. But so it is.

Now look at love. True love. Real love. That love does not divide. Has nothing to conquer, nothing to prove.

Love Unites.

Just imagine for a moment, dear reader what a united world would look like, feel like; be like. There would be no hates, wars or distinctions based on religion, colour, creed or sexuality.

The worlds wealth would be spent on things that improve lives, improve health and ensure everyone, everywhere is as prosperous, happy and self-loving as anyone else. There would be no sweatshops, child labour or exploitation based on ones place of birth, skin of colour or circumstance.

Just imagine …

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #54

The Thought I Woke Up With #53

Things you can’t see

Isn’t it fascinating, bizarre even, that the things we can’t see, are the very things that turn a life on its ear.

These unseen things not only turn lives around on a daily bases; they end lives in a heartbeat, or, in really dark circumstances induce enormous pain and suffering to the point where death is a welcomed relief.

Equally, these unseen forces, can, and do, bring about ecstasy and bliss one cannot in their wildest dreams imagine.

One can go from misery to happiness, from hatred to love, sickness to health, failure to success, just like that (click fingers for effect).

And within those unseen forces rests mankind’s freedom, and slavery. Depending on which he chooses to cohabit with.

I used to become very annoyed at the word choice. To say I didn’t like it would be a serious understatement. Nor could I at one point comprehend the notion that I was the architect of my happiness and my misery. Why would anyone in their right mind put dirt on their own plate? I used ask myself, dismissing the notion that such a thing were even remotely possible.

Now I know that it’s not only possible, it is the way it is.

Mind is split. Part A remains connected to, and within Creation, where it has always been. Part B is in ego mode.

Why did this happen? The best answer right now is, who cares. The reason has no bearing whatsoever on your current situation. None. It’d be like a poisoned man searching for the perpetrator and the reason. Find the antidote first champion, then worry about the who and the why.

Instead, it is much better, and much more pleasant, to shoot for a worthy goal that is not only achievable but our destiny to be achieved; the getting out of ego goal.

Where to start?

Start by changing your mind. Right here, right now. Decide to want to be in the Right mind instead of the ego. Decide to change sides. Simple. Simple. Simple.

It may be simple but it’s not easy you may say.

True that. But it sure as heck beats the alternative; the living on the dark side.

Today’s topic is about the unseen forces running lives. And when I say run lives, I mean run lives. The key factor here however, is that both these forces, the light and the dark, are in your mind. Both are yours.


That means, Your Mind, Your Choice.

Cross the border … try Love … what have you got to lose?

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #53

The Thought I Woke Up With #52


What would you say is mankind’s most important invention? The telephone? Electricity, the light bulb, airplane, the web? Or would you say it was the wheel, the combustion engine? How about penicillin, contraceptives?

While all of the above have been and continue to be of great importance to the world, I believe the alphabet is the single most important. A set of symbols without which this world would be a vastly different place. So different it’s difficult to imagine.

Now you could argue that the alphabet, comprising relatively small number of symbols, isn’t an invention. You may say it is more of a live system of constantly developing symbols which will continue to develop eventually making the existing one as alien to future generations as the pictographic symbols of ancient Egypt is to us. My view on it is that someone, somewhere, had to say to themselves and then to others, we need a better system of communication. And off they went, a set of symbols was invented.

Other than the alphabet, you’d have to agree that symbols in general, are an integral part of life. There is no getting around it or denying it, we respond to symbols like trained pets. Sometimes the response is deep and sincere relief, think the last time you saw the symbol for a public convenience, when in dire need of one. Imagine being in a foreign country, unable to read or speak the language and there’s no international symbol for a loo. Like, hello trouble!

Prince understood the power of symbols better than most. He tried changing his name to  the symbol of love– Prince logo.svg

Symbols are extremely powerful and recognisable. They transcend language. Think Apple, McDonald’s, Red Cross, Coca Cola, Star of David, Batman, Superman, Nike, etcetera.

Then there are the communal symbols; you might call them. Like flags representing countries. These flags unite, sometimes divide but almost always powerfully represent. Masses stand for them, salute them and die under them.

What isn’t often thought about is how symbols often play important roles in individual lives, recurring and bringing with them results, sometimes good and sometimes not so good.

My own personal recurring one is the letter M. Names of organisations and individuals starting with that letter have played truly significant roles throughout my life. Very, very interesting to say the least.

You may find that a particular symbol or two have played a part in your own life dear reader, if you stop and think about it.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #52

The Thought I Woke Up With #51

Give me liberty or …

… give me death.

Strange thought for an Aussie to wake up with. But mind being mind, not much coming out of there should surprise. It is an unbridled instrument of power and surprise. Suffice it to say if humans reacted to every bizarre thought that fluttered in and out of mind there would be carnage out there. In that light an Aussie waking with an American thought is tame. It’s the message itself that’s the whole point. And the message, which I’ll get to momentarily, is poignant.

The line Give me liberty or give me death, is not only profoundly powerful, it is profoundly revolutionary as well, but even more than that, when taken to heart it is a life changer.

Indeed it was a life changer, literally, for young men who went to war as a result of the speech within which that adage was voiced.

Think about those words within another context however. Just consider for a moment, what would the result be if those words were applied to personal values and lifestyles. We all know that fear rules and ruins overall quality of life. Fear is in every facet of human life. We try and pretend it isn’t but deep down the truth is clear:

Until looked at truthfully and dispassionately, then dispelled bravely, fear will remain an ever-present evil. No life is exempt.

Think therefore if you decided that freedom from fear was your ultimate goal. The goal. The one thing you would do almost anything to achieve. The Give me freedom from fear or give me death, type goal.

What do you suppose would happen, if you did take up that goal as your very own? Or is even thinking about it too much? And fair enough if it is too much to contemplate.

This is the kind of thought mind doesn’t entertain as a matter of course. This thought, or any of its kin aren’t the kind to be invited into mind for a tea party. As a matter of fact it is a thought actively kept out of mind.

Yet the thought is far from foreign. If you live in the so-called free world for example, the freedoms you enjoy were, and continue to be, secured by men and women who made a fast and binding decision that either freedom or death were the only options; there were no others.

The concept is actually intriguing. Intriguing because everyone knows about it, admires it, and if allowed to be brutally honest with self is in awe of it. Yet very few, relatively speaking are prepared to commit to such a degree. Just goes to show how crushing the grip of fear is.

You could say there are two opposing forces, waging war upon the soul of man … Fear and Love.

So the reason this adage, Give me liberty or give me death, echoed so amazingly, so gloriously within the souls of men was because in truth it means– Give me Love or give me bondage.

What do you choose?

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #51