The Thought I Woke Up With #26

Spirituality for Grown-ups

Alright folks, alright. Listen up. This is the one. This is the missive you’ve been waiting for. The information your heart and soul have been seeking, even if you didn’t know it. That’s right you don’t know the half of it. Good thing I’m here to help you.

Right here, right now is that moment in a life. The decisive moment. The miracle moment. I have for you THE SECRET to health, wealth and happiness. I am about to disclose to you a MIRACLE. An opportunity of a lifetime. This ladies and gentlemen is a LIFE CHANGER. Don’t you look away, walk away or get distracted. Concentrate and give me your attention.

It doesn’t matter if you got a broken bicycle, broken car, broken mind, broken bank account or a broken heart. It don’t matter. If it’s broken this will fix it! It’ll make the sun shine on any rainy day. It’ll help you make French fries, natural dyes, bake cakes, mow lawns and wash your pet. It’ll cure headaches and lameness and lumbago. Make rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica, toothache, sprains, rains and weight gains a thing of the past. This is the cure all.

Snake oil salesmen used to flog their product with outrages claims and take peoples money for product that did almost next to nothing.

Today we have numerous spiritual and religious sales people doing likewise. They trot out things like this.

And when you give your tithe! When you give your 10% of gross! You are giving god your faith. Give the Lord a little and I believe you are going to open up the windows of heaven. I believe god going to rebuke and devour on your behalf. I believe he going to protect your stuff. I believe he going to take a risk with you. He going to help you win at the track, on the roulette wheel and at the blackjack table.

So why are you sweating over it? Why are you so possessed by money that you will not part with 10%? He gives you a 100% and you sweat and fret and begrudge offering him 10% of his own back? Shame on you. Being stingy with the Lord. Be stingy with the Lord and the Lord give you nothing!

Fleecing the flock it’s called. Yessir, take ’em for all you can.

It’s like god is sitting up there somewhere, on his splendid throne, like some kind of godfather, dispensing favours to those that please him and all he wants in return is little slice of the action; a taste; a small VIG for his troubles.

Then we have the self-help gurus who talk about attracting everything you ever wanted. Decide what you want, get it out there, don’t doubt yourself and Hey Presto! The universe provides! Everything is yours. Yep, and pigs fly every second Sunday.

Here is one of the favorites they all trot-out in some form or another:

When you’re down in the dumps think yourself happy. Be positive.

These people cause more harm than you can imagine, simply because their jingoistic crud doesn’t work. That’s not entirely true; the crud works insofar as it makes them a lot of money. Which is sure fire sign of how deluded they are. It’s all about money.

Most of them are at best entertainers, except their entertainment is another’s downfall. Wen a person tries this junk, and it doesn’t work, the person can actually compound their issue because they feel incompetent. ‘This stuff sounds so easy, why can’t I do it? I must be dumb’ they think.

Researches Say:

Research shows that when we’re anxious or stressed — in other words, exactly when we need a mood boost — our minds become unable to provide one. That’s because we’re so preoccupied with our troubles that we don’t have enough brainpower left over to suppress negative thoughts. And when we try to distract ourselves, pessimistic notions are the only ones that come to mind. “If you’re really under stress, putting yourself in a good mood by thinking positive thoughts becomes not only difficult — in fact it backfires, and you get the opposite of what you want,” says Daniel Wegner, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of Virginia.

WHAT TO DO INSTEAD: “You have to enlist the help of other people,” Wegner says. “Talk to friends or relatives or clergy or a therapist, or anyone else who might be able to help you think about other things.” Or go to a place where people are enjoying themselves, like a party or the park or the mall, and you’ll soon feel your spirits lift. Finally, if you know in advance that you’re going to be upset or anxious about something, make a list of positive things that you can refer to when you need it most: your five favourite memories say, or three occasions to look forward to.

Spirituality for grown-ups is spirituality that doesn’t employ tricks or short term feel good fixes. Spirituality for grown-ups deals with truth and reality, both of which are often far from what the peddlers of falsity would have you believe.

If it was possible to say a prayer and make the pain disappear, or attract enlightenment and happiness simply by wishing it, there would be no problems. We’d all be out of pain and misery already.

Just have a look at the men and women, past and present, who teach and preach about the realities of life and how to heal the human race, one soul at a time, and NOT ONE teaches quick fix techniques. If ever you wanted proof there it is right there.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #26

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