The Thought I Woke Up With #25


Hey John, how you doing?

Doin’ good man. Doin’ great. Sold that car of mine finally.

Oh good.

Yeah, better than good. Got this buyer … guy had no clue, got twice as much than I expected. Screwed that fool real good.

Oh …

Yeah. Just hoped the brakes didn’t give out before he and that pregnant wife of his got out of the driveway, hahahaha …

Right. Where you off to now?

Church. Always go to church.

Before I go any further, I am fully aware that not all religious people are like that. Many folks find genuine comfort and relief in their religion. Great. Believe whatever you want to. It’s an awesome and powerful thing to be able to do so.

For many however religion is no more than a pin to stick on the lapel. To be seen as some kind of a good person while at the same time cheating and lying and warmongering. For a whole host of humans it’s like — screw them before they screw you Monday to Friday. Do your chores and laundry on Saturday. Go to church Sunday. Send a card on Mother’s day.

It’s like a politician who goes to church with the missus and the kiddies, making sure the cameras are there to record his unreserved fidelity to his faith, then returns to parliament mercilessly sticking knives into his leaders back, (metaphorically speaking) feathering his own nest and satisfying the thirst for power. That same freak then expounds the virtues of honesty, truth and justice to anyone who cares to listen.

Or how about the Isis people, pray five times a day and behead folks in between prayers.

Is it any wonder religion is seen as putrefying by so many?

If you ever want to ask yourself a truly serious question, dear reader, ask yourself this. What does anyone know about God? Really?

Honest answer … not so much.

Next to nothing actually.

And those preachers that shout the most know the least. As for the ones who ask followers to do harm to others in the name of god, these are the truly evil that walk amongst us.

Evil isn’t what the evil-preachers would have you believe. Some nasty thing that awaits after you die. No, no, no. Evil is them. Right there. In your face. Hiding in the open, preaching, all day long, all night long, preaching, teaching about a god that will devour you if you do not follow. A god that hates all Christians and those of your own faith who aren’t as pure and as hardline. Evil preys with you, reads with you and breaks bread with you. Evil is right here and right now.

Author Dean Koontz described it nicely:

“Evil is no faceless stranger, living in a distant neighborhood. Evil has a wholesome, hometown face, with merry eyes and an open smile. Evil walks among us, wearing a mask which looks like all our faces.”

When I ask, what do we know about God, I mean the Creator. Not the ridiculous man-made caricatures they preach about, the ones appearing in their so-called holy books.

These are the cartoonish parodies whose advice they want you to take on child upbringing. Like the god who drowned his own kids. Groovy, now there’s the dude I want advice from.

It has been said the Creator isn’t even aware of this ego state of nonsense existing. That you and I have created this state of illusory existence in a moment of carelessness. An instant in which a child of Creation erred and created for itself a nightmare which will, like all dreams and nightmares be over soon enough.

We cannot destroy the ego because to destroy the ego would be to destroy a part of Self. That isn’t possible. The Self, self-harming? The very notion of such is insane.

The part of mind occupied by ego will be cleansed. Little by little, day by day, until the whole of mind is healed and reunited with Self.

Self does not hate the ego. There is nothing to hate. Do you wake from a bad dream and declare war upon that dream? Silly right?

Night doesn’t hate the day nor does the light hate the dark, you don’t see the two arguing and trying to kill one another, they simply cannot be as one. Exactly the same applies to ego and Self / Creation.

So relax with it all dear reader, try and be aware of who you listen to and follow. Be aware of false prophets. Worship no one. The Creator in particular does not want, or need, your worship. The Creator hasn’t got inadequacy or self esteem issues. He is not a professional wrestler or a movie star craving idolization.

Listen to those who talk about Love and Freedom. Take what makes sense and discard what doesn’t. Ultimately you will get your own answers.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #25

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