The Thought I Woke Up With #16


What is destiny? Is it a predetermined plan from which one cannot deviate, change or extract oneself?

Or is it just another fable, another fairy tale wherein the believers get to live happily ever after if … they successfully get through periods of great suffering and many trials.

Or is the whole destiny concept a myth and everyone is in control of their own lives with the ability to change, grow, develop and determine the outcome?

Both the aforementioned beliefs exist and the dichotomy between them is vast.

There are many reasons for the difference in beliefs not the least of which is the way life happens. By that I mean out of the blue happenings. One moment one is traveling along swimmingly, doing great, enjoying life and out of nowhere a crud storm measuring 7.9 or greater on the Richter scale hits.

It happens. It happens every day. The only thing that changes is the severity of the hit. Sometimes the occurrence is an irritation and sometimes a downright catastrophe.

One could also argue that being born is pure destiny. A couple of hot-to-trot humans get it on and nine months later out pops you! Hello world. No discussion, no consent, no choice.

Equally, you have no say as to when you get to check out. You’re here until someone, or something decides to call, time.

So in a nutshell, as far as that side of the argument goes, it’s destiny. Human lives are programmed, their futures mapped out, from beginning to end. Astrologers, palmists and tarot card readers agree. These folks and other future-readers make a tidy living selling themselves as destiny hackers. They have unlocked the code and can read what the destiny/future has in store.

Or, is it a case, as I’ve touched on at the outset of this piece that destiny is a bunch of bunkum. Do human beings in fact create their own lives, changing the course, adjusting outcomes and thereby determining the final destination themselves?

I believe the reason for the grey area is due to perceptions.

Here is what I mean. When things happen, particularly bad things. They come out of nowhere. What’s more one is unaware of any plausible motive. For a good reason, there isn’t any. Who in their right mind would choose disasters and plagues to occur in their life?

The answer to that is, no one in his or her right mind would. No one in his or her right mind does.

In order to rectify the situation therefore we need to return into our right mind. When operating from the right state of mind instead of disaster we offer ourselves love, peace, integrity and truth. The right mind is where all the answers are.

The right mind is home, the split mind is a dream.

I understand that to some, the above statement sounds airy-fairy and perhaps spooky or weird. However when one considers the possibility deeply, meditates on it, gives peace a chance as a man said, they realize that what I am referring to as the right mind is the true you.

I am not asking anyone to believe what I’m saying, to blindly follow. What I am suggesting is for everyone to try it for themselves. Give the matter a little deep, quiet contemplation. Mediate on it. That’s the only way anyone will truly understand and realise.

If there is something in your life right now that is causing you great consternation and anxiety give it over and listen for the answer. What have you got to lose?

To be a believer in destiny is to be slave to a thing that offers nothing but whims and grief. A thing that renders you dead the moment you are born because you have no say in any aspect of your life.

A thing that says there is no Creator, no Creation or light at the of the tunnel.

To believe in destiny is to believe in meaninglessness and suffering.

This meaningless thing tells you your life is programmed and you are nothing but a robot. Not a very good robot as it turns out because you get sick, tired, aggravated, horny, hungry, homophobic and out of control.

This meaningless thing tells you to hate, kill and torture. And if you live in an enlightened society where torture is frowned upon, you turn on yourself. It tells you that you are part of nothing, mean nothing, do nothing, come from nothing and end up dirt.

You know what destiny says? Bottom line? Your life is not your own.

Is that any way to live?

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #16

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