The Thought I Woke Up With #10


There are all kinds of power. Broadly speaking there is political power, military power, workplace power, personal power, religious power, social structure power, family structure power and so on.

As is the case with most things on this planet however, power is a double-edged sword; that is to say when used positively it moves mountains. Used negatively on the other hand it moves people to violence, death and despair.

An example of negative power, one that runs rampant throughout society, one that has penetrated every corner, every nook and cranny of this world and dates back to the Garden of Eden. It is what I call:

The power of the Coward.

This insidious power is practiced by bullies and cowards over their partners and families. It is mostly practiced by males. (I use the term males advisedly because no man terrorises, abuses, hurts or kills his partner or children).

You hear all kinds of excuses given as valid reasons for battering intimate partners:

  • Jealousy. A look, a courteous smile at another man will set this type of male off.
  • Need to control. These ones are obsessive about controlling every aspect of a woman’s life. Some have been known not allow her to have a job, and god forbid she should want to go out without him.
  • Inability to express oneself. These ones claim they are unable to deal with conversation and talking things out. They can only respond and communicate with  blind rage and flying fists.
  • Woman doesn’t know when to shut up. They blame the woman for pushing them too far. “If she would only shut up,” type deal. Perhaps being mute would help here? Although I highly doubt it they would find some other disagreeable aspect as an excuse to beat on her.
  • Refusing to have sex. Based on religious, cultural or other beliefs this type of male expects and demands sex whenever he feels like it. If she says no, it’s black eyes, choke marks and or blows to the stomach, even if she’s pregnant.
  • Lack of self-control. Unable to control self, pure and simple. I can’t help it. Now there’s a valid reason for breaking bones and spilling blood.

These males have mostly been diagnosed as lacking self worth.

I would diagnose the majority of them as bullies and cowards. And would ask those that protest the following question. Why don’t you go exercise your lack of self worth on a hardcore biker, an SAS soldier or some other army veteran or any kind of real man for that matter?

Beating up on an innocent little kid or a woman who cannot defend herself is about as low as one can get.

Women aren’t angels. There are no human angels here. We all have our own freaky foibles and deep down soul issues to deal with. Beatings and violence are not the answer however. If the woman is so bad that she drives one to such extreme behaviour, leave her. Go find one that suits.

An abuser will not leave their victim however. The abuse will generally continue for as long as the victim stays alive, is willing to cop it, can’t see any way out, or is immobilized by fear.

Abuse of women and children isn’t a new phenomenon or trend. It has been around literally from day dot. This evil power-trip dates back to Garden of Eden when the bible bozo god duped and threw his own kids out of home.

Just like that god, his male descendants get off on the extreme abuse of those too weak to defend themselves. It’s their power trip. This is what they do and the sooner everyone wakes up to that the better.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #10

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