The Thought I Woke Up With #8

General anesthetic.

Most people have seen the movies where a guy is given a bottle of rum or whiskey to skull before a stick is put into his mouth with a tense instruction, “Here, bite down on this, we’re about to remove your arm.” The patient braces, clamps down on the stick, out comes the saw, and the hacking begins.

Far fetched? Not so much.

It wasn’t until October 16, 1846, that William T.G. Morton, a dentist in Boston, performed the first public demonstration of general anesthesia.

Before that all manner of drugs and methods were used to try and dull the pain. Just imagine though, elective surgery performed without what we know today as general aesthetic, where you look up at the guy or girl standing above you, start counting to ten or just answering a question and you wake up all done.

Small wonder there were very few surgeries performed back in the day, and when they were done it was a case of them being the very last, and desperate, resort.

Doctors apparently used to stuff their ears full of wads of cotton in an effort to try and be deaf to the blood-curdling screams of patients. One elderly Boston physician could only compare it to the Spanish Inquisition. He recalled, “Yells and screams, most horrible in my memory now, after an interval of so many years.”

Some of the drugs and methods employed to try and dull the pain over the centuries were alcohol, opium, marijuana, cocaine, numbing the limb with cold or compressing it to cut off the blood flow, stinging nettles, the said stick between the teeth or just knocking the patient out with a blow to the head. There were other wild and woolly things but you get the idea.

Yes, science has done great and unimaginable things. Things humans need to be appreciative of and encourage further developments.

Yet the ongoing angst and mistrust between scientists and creationists continues.

Hard core creationists would have you believe humans were created in their current form. Made by a god who felt lonely so he decided to make a garden, reach into the dirt, fashion a man, breathe life into him through mud-mans nostrils and bingo. But the mud dude wasn’t happy being alone so dad knocked him out (first recorded intrusive surgery) ripped out a rib and from the rib made him a missus. Good looking sort she was too reportedly because mud man Adam was besotted.

The two newly created frolicked, naked, in the garden until the old man decided he didn’t like all that naked frolicking so used an undercover agent, (the birth of ASIO?) disguised as a serpent to trick the chick into a deed that justified them getting tossed out of house and home. And so began the human population revolution. Goodo. How can you not believe that!

Keep in mind this is the same god who drowned every single animal on the planet, so the good book says so it must be true, bar one pair of every kind, which he put on a boat for 40 days and nights then released back into the wild once the rains stopped. These animals then made their way to their original place of residence, across deserts and vast oceans to begin repopulating. What do you think, dear reader?

Then we have science, which of course has done fabulous things and busted great many myths. And yet science, for the most part refuses to acknowledge that there is a Creator. Not the bible bozo I refer to above, but a being, an energy that did in fact create all we are and subsequently have. Yet, science for its splendour and power cannot disprove that such an energy does not exist.

The stupidity of one side and the arrogance of the other astonishes the mind!

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #8

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