The Thought I Woke Up With #6

What do Genghis Khan, Martin Luther King and The Monopoly Man have in common?

Answer— all of the above sport moustaches.

As vastly different as the individuals mentioned above are, so are the views on moustaches and associated facial hair. It’s not only your average persons opinion that differs, there have been numerous studies, scientific and otherwise, contradicting one another.

Some studies show moustaches, beards and the like to be strong, positive and manly whilst others conclude facial hair presents the wearer as unclean, untrustworthy, unattractive and undesirable.

Some studies go as far as to suggest that a  woman’s stage of menstrual cycle  influences her views on facial hair.

Articles have been written about the majority of women fancying a man with a moustache. Others will tell you women think facial hair is a definite turn off.

And those that like moustaches differ on what kind of moustache. The Chevron (Tom Selleck made this one famous). The Fu Manchu, the Dali, the Handlebar, the Charlie Chaplin, the Pencil and on it goes.

So boys if you’re considering a mo to help you pick up, the sad news is the ladies are as undecided as you are.

Long story short, to have or not to have a moustache shouldn’t depend on the type of running mate, so to speak, one wants to attract. You may as well go around asking women whether they like Jalapenos on their pizza?

Do whatever makes you happy. Please yourself. Make your life all about you!

Whenever we are doing what makes us happy we attract the kind of people that accept us as we are. If you’re a moustache wearing man, and you love it and a lady comes along who wants you to shave it off, my advice is, move on. Trying to change someone almost always ends in tears and expletives, unless the person wants to change.

Can you imagine Genghis Khan shaving off his moustache because some cute little shepherd girl wanted him to?

There’s even disagreement as to whether moustaches on women are a turn off?

It’s that kind of planet … a disagreeing kind.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #6

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