The Thought I Woke Up With #4

Where do I get that part!

The part being thought about is a hinge on one of the shower screen doors. It’s plastic. It cracked. It’s out of action and needs replacing. So far so simple, right? Except that this one is a little bit different. Which in reality means hard to get. If it were a house being sold the Real Estate guy would call it a “unique delight.”

Anyway, off I went yesterday, in search of what I thought would be a simple shower screen hinge. Except, no one seems to have one. They have every other hinge ever produced by man but this one.

So now this domestic repair issue has invaded and is occupying my mind. Didn’t think my mind was such an easy target. Never would have thunk it. A hinge!

This repair and maintenance issue has brought with it some memories which I thought were long gone. Clearly not as I have been re-experiencing the life and times of Nick the apprentice with the Victorian Railways. Fun filled and jolly times those were not. I didn’t enjoy that experience at all, predominately because I wasn’t interested in the work which consequently meant I was never going to be any good at it. I basically did it to please my mother who was forever worried about my future and to her way of thinking a tradesman would always have work. She wasn’t wrong, a good tradesman always has work. I just wasn’t into it or good at it.

To give you an example of my exploits, there was this one time I held up an interstate train for several hours because the lights I put up fell off when the train went to pull out of the workshop. Ahhh the memories of the boss going red in the face and all trembly, unable to speak, such was his rage. I thought the poor man was having a cardiac episode.

I think the Victorian Railways exhaled a collective sigh of relief when I finished my apprenticeship and left. My mum was happy however; her boy was a tradesman and had something to, fall back on, when times got tough.

Don’t get me wrong dear reader I can fix things when I put my mind to it. Like the time I got caught out in the middle of nowhere with a motorcycle that all of a sudden wouldn’t go. With some wire, a little duct tape and my emergency tool kit, I got that baby going to the nearest mechanic. I think the guy upstairs helped that day, but I’m taking the credit.

So it shall be with this awkward situation with the shower screen hinge. We’ll fix that thing; me and the big fella upstairs. He never let’s me down.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #4

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