The Thought I Woke Up With #3

Did Jesus prefer blondes?

When I committed to writing a daily blog using, “The Thought I Woke Up With” as the theme, I knew some of the topics were going to be weird and wonderful. This one tho surprised even me. But a commitment is a commitment so here we go.

Let me start by saying I am a definite Jesus admirer. Not the “bible Jesus,” but the real one. The one that was and still to my way of thinking is, one of the best, most effective teachers this world ever had.

The one I call the real Jesus had no religion. He was all about Love, peace and kindness for all. Plain, simple, and beautiful. And, he offered the most real and unambiguous example of the way ego can be overcome. It’s a shame the lesson has been turned and twisted into something ugly and deceitful so that those few doing the twisting and lying can attain wealth, power and domination over their followers. I’ve often said that if Jesus came back the first thing he’d do is take a flamethrower through the Vatican.

Back to today’s thought however. Did Jesus prefer blondes? Interesting question and one that would send the Bible belt running for the sherry muttering about blasphemy and sending anyone daring to even contemplate such a question hurtling into the bosom of  fire and pitchfork.

It is actually a fair and decent question. The fanatics would have you believe that from start to finish he was heavenly perfection. Switched on and plugged into Creation 24/7.

What a lot of rubbish.

Jesus was a human whose purpose was to overcome ego and show the rest of the world how to do it. Even more importantly- Jesus clearly showed it can be done.

Was he a son of God? (Or the Creator as I prefer, simply to distinguish between the thing the bible and the church refer to as god which is in truth but a bloodthirsty caricature of ego madness). Yes. But …

Here’s the but. He brought into the ego vibe too. Had he not done so he couldn’t have functioned here. So he was “born” to a woman, fathered by a man and went through all the usual growing up processes. Probably played with dad’s tools when not allowed, stuck his fingers into the hot stove, played hide and seek with his mates, and did all the usual kid stuff. As he got older he evolved more and more into his chosen destiny.

Am I a son of the Creator? Yes.

Are you reading this, a son of the Creator? Yes.

And if anyone puts ego aside for a moment and gets into Jesus’ true message they will understand that that was the core of his message; We are all the Creators children. Our paths and ways are different however. That’s why there are so many. The Jesus Way is just one way back to heaven.

So did Jesus prefer blondes? Who cares. For the sake of the argument though I’m backing he would have preferred brunettes. There weren’t too many blondes around his part of the world.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #3

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