The Thought I Woke Up With #2

What’s the time?

That was the thought I woke with today. No doubt a thought many have shared when they woke thinking they had slept in.

I went into a bit of a discussion with mind that went something like this. “Why are you asking me, you’re the mind, aren’t you supposed to know?”

Mind didn’t answer; it just switched to some random thought about being late and wanting to relive the last time that happened. It was a short discussion as mind always seems to want to rehash history or dive into some imagined future scenario instead of sticking to a point at hand.

Mind refuses to engage with you right here, right now. Funny old thing it is.

Sometimes trying to keep up with mind and its random production of past and future feelings and thoughts is like chasing a feather on a windy day.

It never ceases to surprise, even after years of observing and understanding how mind operates, the way it can run away with itself, as mine did this morning, to the point I had to stop, relax and quieten it down. Mind loves freaking out and panicking, those being its natural environments. Which is not surprising as those are its core design characteristics. In other words alarm and conniption are what mind is designed to do.

As it turns out this waking thought was a good reminder, for two reasons. Firstly, no matter how long one has been working on self-improvement and transformation mind needs to be observed because as long as we walk the Earth we are in ego, and in ego mind will operate as it has to in order to maintain ego existence. That’s its job. The more time one spends reconnecting with and being in the Higher Self state the easier mind is to calm and transcend, thereby making the Earth-visit more relaxed, transparent and productive.

Secondly unless one is careful and does something about transforming from ego to the Higher Self, when the time on Earth is over one is likely to be standing there, or floating, or whatever it is one does when that time comes, with that moose in the headlights look and dolefully asking, Where did the time go? Where did my life go?

What’s the time indeed? Time is a terrible trickster. A betrayer of trust and in many ways a Judas-goat that makes you believe you have all the time in the world so relax. Enjoy. Make whoopee. Do your thing.

Then one day BOOM! It’s over. My beloved grandmother used to repeat an old Bosnian proverb that describes this perfectly, “Where have you been? Nowhere. What have you done? Nothing.“

So what is the time?

I believe it’s time to stop wasting it. To get moving on figuring this thing out, finding out what life is all about. Because as Buddha said: The trouble is you think you have time.

Until tomorrow,



The Thought I Woke Up With #2

2 thoughts on “The Thought I Woke Up With #2

  1. Shell says:

    Time has no essence, it’s about Now, nothing more. What you do, recieve and accomplish for yourself in that given moment is all that matters…good read..thanks


    1. When one views time from the perspective of Self, yes. One does need to be careful however not to be viewing it from ego and assuming that it matters not ;0) Thank you for the feedback


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