The Thought I Woke Up With

I had one of those thoughts recently. You know, the ones that will not leave you alone and keep popping up when you least expect them. Like the Tax Office, there’s no getting away from them. So you either follow through or firmly shut them down, full well knowing that, like with the tax man, there will be consequences. In this case the consequence would be a lifelong “what if.” And having decided a very long time ago not to live with what if’s here we are:

I have committed to writing a “The Thought I Woke Up With,” daily blog for the next 365 days.

Meaning, this daily blog is going to be about whatever thought I wake up with each day.

Having long learned what mind is capable of I’m not even going to try and guess what will be served up. I am however pretty certain whatever is coming is going to be ‘colourful,’ both in language and content because the deal is to write it as it comes. The one proviso I have placed on it is if the thought is about a specific person I will not name them. Other than that, those reading will get raw, typos and all.

It’s a commitment I never thought I’d make. My spiritual journey so far has embraced just about every emotion you can imagine, and the Undoing scenarios have at times been wild and woolly. This, as I understand it is about reaching out and sharing on a personal, and unrestricted level.

So starting tomorrow, I’ll be letting you know about, and sharing, the thoughts I wake up with.

Until then,

Nick Z Moran



The Thought I Woke Up With

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