Sex Politics and Religion

Why do humans focus so much on, and have an obsession with, genitalia? Their own is preened and pruned and wrapped in all manner of silk and lace but even more venerated and worshiped is the genitalia of others.

Kim Kardashian puts up a nude selfie on the Internet and the media goes mental. People get more excited than a squirrel discovering a couple of up-sized nuts at the end of winter, or Christopher Columbus gazing upon uncharted terra firma.

Do those breathlessly commenting, praising and adoring folks not have private organs of their own? Do they perhaps believe Mrs West’s holiest of holies is the potent essence that keeps the universe in harmonious order or something; that her ample bosom and bounteous badonkadonk perform magic tricks?

Or if ogling our Kim eating a banana, yes of course she’s naked, at the breakfast table is so fascinating, rip the gear off and do it yourself! Experience it. See what all the fuss is about. If there’s a shortage of bananas in your hood, improvise! It’s not that hard. But it’s not the same thing is it? Reality sucks. Fantasy works.

In the circus of life, Kim Kardashian isn’t lone ranger when it comes to parading ones personal bits and pieces for profit and prominence.

Remember when Paris Hilton was all the rage, sharing her Venus moments with the world? And of course paintings, statues and pantomimes featuring genitalia have been around forever. Even god gets involved when he orders Adam and his playmate Eve to cover up. Well, god actually “made garments of skin and clothed them,” himself. That’s how inappropriate the big guy found the vagaries of genital flaunting. He went and found some poor unsuspecting animal, killed and skinned it, got the sewing implements out and made the garments himself. He was no fan, clearly. And he created it all! Go figure that one out.

Which brings us to the second group, the adversaries, the crowd that condemns and reviles Kim Kardeshian as well as anyone else who thinks genitals are to be enjoyed and flaunted. Don’t be fooled by the outpouring of righteous indignation this group feigns. Their righteousness is contrived, their outrage fake. They are just as fascinated by the genitalia as those they rile against, if they weren’t they wouldn’t be so vigorously, and at times viciously, opposing.

In reality the Kim Kardashians of this world have been around since time itself. They are however but catalysts for the ancient game of angst and war to rage in one area of human existence. Sex.

Other key catalysts are religion and politics. There are many others of course however on the grand scale these three have caused, and continue to cause, unprecedented havoc and mayhem.

Take a look at politics right now in the USA. Trump and Clinton, regardless of your political slant, one thing is certain, both these people are divisive figures. Before them there was someone else and after them there will be others.

Religion? I don’t think we need to rehash that. Look at the Islamic situation. Christians are being slaughtered for no reason other than they are Christians. And when there are no Christians to murder they kill each other, because, My brand of the same religion is more pure than yours. Stupidity plus.

When will all this stupidity stop?


The only way out is to recognize it for what it is and lay it down. Let the world alone. Concentrate on a thing called the Self, because then, and only then, will anything change for you. It’s about self focus, self love and self release.

There is no right or wrong as far as ego is concerned. It doesn’t matter one iota which side of a conflict you choose. If you like looking at Kim’s naked body, fine, if you don’t fine. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you don’t get angry and self-righteous about it. Let people do their thing. Why would you care, unless it directly impacts you?

What matters to ego is that you engage. Keep engaging and ego is happy because engagement, either way, energizes it, keeps it alive and strong.

Engaging with ego keeps the dream alive. How ridiculous, as well as sad and ignorant that so many celebrate that statement; I’m keeping the dream alive.

Why would you want to keep the dream alive? Wouldn’t reality be better? Might as well be saying; I’m stoking the nightmare. At least saying that shows a glimpse of understanding.

There is only one thing ego fears.

That one thing is that you will withdraw support and start spending time in the now. The now being reality. Try it. What have you got to lose?

See you on the bright side.

Sex Politics and Religion

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