Love Light and You

Remember Colonel Gaddafi? The Libyan politician who was in total control of Libya for over 40 years? He of the colorful kaftans, the likes of which would have made any hippy proud. The man also had a quirky attachment to a tent that went with him all through Europe and the US. A colorful scoundrel he was. He also rocked a golden pistol on his hip, adding dash and zhuzh with just a hint of menace.

Various people referred to the self appointed Colonel by any number of monikers, like revolutionary, visionary, Picasso of the Middle East. As well as some not so nice ones, like Mad Dog of Middle East, brutal dictator, butcher, murderer and so on.

I came across an article the other day, accompanied with mobile phone footage showing the Colonel’s last moments on earth. Surrounded by rebels, or Libya’s liberators, depending on which side one favors, bleeding profusely and begging for his life. A miserable image of a man about to be executed, by his own golden gun no less, it has been suggested.

This is another fine example of ego doing one of its own in by means ugly, brutal and repulsive. There are no happy endings in the ego state of mind, everybody dies, some more repulsively and viciously than others however.

What a wonderful diversion-creating device mind is. A true masterpiece. Which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, seeing how the second most powerful being in the whole of Infinity created it.

Observing mind at work, its detail and ability to mesmerize the observer is awe-inspiring. The Gaddafi story is a perfect example, his ending, in many ways being the Jesus and the cross story replayed. Give the crowds blood, guts,extreme misery and someone to cheer for. Winner!

A man, bleeding, broken and defenseless is paraded amidst a yelling, mindless, bloodlust enraptured crowd. Then he is executed and his body defiled some more for good measure. It happens on a daily, if not hourly, basis somewhere on the planet. With each act there is someone somewhere watching and vowing revenge thereby locking in another generation of war and hate. Ego celebrates. Good job.

Eyes are useless when the mind is blind, goes the saying. Indeed.

Mind has no emotion, sight, pity, feeling or objectivity. It is blind and impervious to anything human or otherwise. It simply projects whatever it is instructed to project.

In the Gaddafi example mind projects the rebels and a dictator. The rebels fight and struggle for a noble cause. During that process however they almost always commit atrocities as easily and as willingly as does the tyrant; the two are opponents in the same fighting ring, fighting by the same rules. That’s how the ego world rolls.

The world is nothing but a fighting ring with sides squaring off from opposing corners. Freethinkers in the blue corner. Slaves to religion and other dogmas in the peach-fuzz coloured corner. Businessmen and gangsters in the black corner. Paedophiles, other sex deviants, jihadi beheaders and other lower life forms in the dunce’s corner, and the war of the ego-world rages on.

You want to rise above it?

You want to be free of it?

There are only two ways to start the unhinging from the ego insanity process. Firstly- see it for what it is.

Get your head out of the ego dumpster and take a look. Seeing the reality of it is the first Must-Do step.

Just like a doctor can’t treat something she hasn’t yet diagnosed neither can you get out of something you don’t see yourself being in. If you’re doing all you can, for example, to keep yourself from going to hell, when you’re in fact already in it, you will spend your energies keeping yourself right where you are. That’s how inglorious this ego thing is.

Secondly, once you see the reality of ego, you will, almost be defult focus your energies on enlightenment. Enlightenment being a fancy way of saying, you get yourself up and above the ego shenanigans.

The way out of the ego, the unhinging from it, entails those two steps. Otherwise it’s like what happened to the Colonel bloke; ego giveth and ego taketh away.

What will happen if you don’t do anything?

You’ll continue experiencing exactly what you have been. Then when the judgment day rolls around it’ll be a simple case of the old Bosnian saying my mother often uses when talking about life: Where have you been? Nowhere. What have you achieved? Nothing.

Now wouldn’t that be a waste of a lifetime?

Wouldn’t it be way more cool to become your very own Spiritual Picasso instead, and start your very own love and light period!

See you on the bright side.

Love Light and You

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