Spirituality – Another Great Lie


There is nothing good in the ego world!

Which by default means there is nothing good in ego life.

Hard to accept I know but nonetheless it is as true as any truth ever uttered.

Ego is an alternate to Love, Life, Peace and Eternity- otherwise known as Creation.

Everything in ego is an imitation of Creation. There is one small issue ego has however, Creation cannot be caricatured, forged or imitated.

Creation is reality, ego is a dream, what more can be said? Unfortunately as long as you believe ego to be your reality so it shall be. Try telling a dreamer that his nightmare isn’t real.

The crazy thing is, ego isn’t even subtle about its control mechanisms. Even its key control mechanisms are as obvious as obvious can be.

Take time for example. There you are, with all the time in the world. Next thing you know you’re staring into the mirror and asking, “Where did my life go?”

As the French composer Hector Berlioz put it, “Time is a great teacher, unfortunately it kills all its students.” And it does it so you go along, willingly, without a care in the world, until it’s too late … oops! Such is life.

Freedom is another beautifully executed lie. “Do whatever you want, whenever you want. Just do it.” You know the number one deathbed regret? I wish I’d done the things I wanted to do.

It is no different with ego’s version of religion. It offers many gods, prophets and deities. All purporting to offer love, light and salvation; as long as you believe in the one we believe in, otherwise, “Off with your head, infidel!” Ah, Tribunal del Santo Oficio is alive and well in 2016, it just goes by another name. Nothing like consistency.

Ego has its version of spirituality, naturally. Its version offers cute and fluffy, feel-good slogans and jingoisms. Sprouts lovely notions like peace on earth, perfect lovers, perfect sex, perfect health, wealth and happiness balance, soul mates and do nothing the universe provides scenarios.

Great! Except like everything else ego, its spirituality is a total lie. A filthy, grubby, insidious lie.

Look at what ego actually dishes out. And this isn’t me talking. These are easily verifiable facts.

Ethnic Cleansing in Srebrenica.

Genocide in Rwanda.

Sweatshops and child labour in developing countries.

Mass murder and sex-slavery in the Middle East.

Mass shootings in America and Australia.

Terrorist murders in France and Indonesia.

Diabolical lies told by politicians in almost all countries and methodical destruction of elements crucial to human survival, i.e. air, soil and water, all in the name of profit.

Business mercilessly exploiting the working class and making it sound and look like it is the businessman doing the workingman a favour.

Governments using police forces as storm troopers to trample all over human rights and dignities. All the while screeching that it is for the greater good.

Police forces willingly, and eagerly complying to their masters voices. Shooting to death people based on suspicion, colour and lifestyle choices.

This is what ego offers!

We must learn to see behind the talk. The talk is bullshit. Look behind the cloak and see the reality of it.

You cannot reason with ego. Trying to reason with ego is killing you.

The only way out of ego is- One, see it for what it is and- Two, let it go. Peacefully.

How to do that? By embracing the one thing ego cannot lie about, twist or change.

This is the most powerful thing in existence, next to the Creator and its creations.

That one thing is your Free Will.

Your Free Will is your true and real spirituality. This is the spirituality given and forever protected by the Creator.

You see … you get to choose between ego and Creation. Between this hate riddled world and Love.


Everything ego makes, you can unmake.

Think about that. You have the power.

There is only One, more powerful than you and He loves you now, this moment, just as He loved you the moment he created you.

Ego only controls you because you let it.

See you on the bright side.

Spirituality – Another Great Lie

2 thoughts on “Spirituality – Another Great Lie

  1. William Werstler says:

    The following quote is from your article on 2/21/16 “Headstones and Lovestones” Why indicate in the title that Spirituality is another great lie if you actually think that Spirituality is very good…a little confusing, maybe…unless I’m missing something…anyway, I do get your overall message…thanks.

    “Comparing religion with spirituality is like comparing headstones with love-stones. One buries you down deep, the other lifts you into love and divinity. Shouldn’t be a difficult choice.

    See you on the bright side.”


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