Get Out Of The Way


Your mind is a machine that spews out ego. It shares the principals of a sausage factory, both an unpleasant process, hidden from public view. One uses leftover animal parts ground to make the product, the other turns love and clarity into a nightmare.

So a day in a life is like a day in a sausage factory; generally it stinks and there is little to smile or be happy about. The smell of death and rot permeating through both.

That’s not very spiritual! I hear the cries. I know, I know. But hey, that flowery, Everything is perfect, just sit and enjoy, the universe will provide, thing you call spirituality, isn’t actually spirituality. That’s cornflake packet cliché crap that is as much of a problem as those who murder people in the name of some god more insane then they are. Except this sugary crud does you in with seeming kindness and sweet, ego-loving lies.

Here’s what ego offers under the guise of love and happiness: moments of exhilaration, vigor and vivacity when one triumphs over a lesser mortal by beating them to a parking spot in a crowded car park.

Reconnections with medieval ecstasies watching two men pummel the living daylights out of each other in a boxing ring, when the interaction between spectator and the pummeled gets the juices flowing; Get up ya bum, use your other arm!

Or looking at two women, snake-eyed and harm intentioned, doing their utmost to get at one another’s entrails in The Octagon.

Not to forget those tender, daddy needs a meat clever mamma wants a spanking, sexcitement moments.

There are many other scenes and scenarios the ego-sausage factory offers for the human singing and dancing pleasures, like greyhound racing. Never mind most dogs are killed and only top performers kept; well, as long as they keep winning prize money anyway. After that it’s doggy heaven. And of course there is a small matter of live-baiting. I suggest you don’t go Googling it unless you have a strong stomach. Yes folks evil does exist, generally it wears a vacant smile and a stupid expression. Yes, there are times it’s difficult to remember that behind ego we all share the One Creator.

There is nothing good in ego.

That’s not entirely true. There is one good thing about ego- the road leading out of it.

The core problem, the mother load, of the human condition is that as long as we buy into any of the ego offerings we are in effect energizing and keeping it going

A large part of the journey to enlightenment is getting out of the way. Allowing your Higher Self to show, and guide, you through the required experiences of the undoing process.

Things described above and almost everything else that seemingly happens in ego is but a distraction. Ego itself is ultimately a distraction. A distraction from reality.

Much is made of meditation, for example. For good reason. Meditation is one of the key tools for many on their way to enlightenment. Many make a good living out of it also. Nothing wrong with that either. But you know what meditation really is, bottom line? Meditation is getting out of the way and becoming an observer. That is to say, you learn to let what needs to present, present, without buying into it and thereby energizing it.

The absolute beauty. The magnificence and splendor of it all is that within every, single one of us, is the key to our own enlightenment. The biggest part of getting to that key and unlocking the door to the light behind it, is allowing it to happen.

This getting out of the way, is a beautiful thing for many reasons. Foremost, the feeling is beyond words. Also, it works for everyone. It’s all inclusive. It applies in equal measure to believers, non believers, Jesus lovers, Buddhists, Taoists, Agnostics, Atheists and anyone else you care to mention.

Even the ardent, strident, I’m in charge of my life, compulsive plan it all to the nth degree types eventually learn that in life, Shit just happens!

See you on the bright side.

Get Out Of The Way

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