The Next 525,600


Hey! Happy New Year and all that. 2016 feels all fresh and new and pregnant with opportunities. Like a brand new relationship. But we all know what can happen to relationships if no lessons have been learnt from the previous one(s).

As for 2015, it’s only been a few days since its passing and it seems so yesterday. Time does that; makes you think you have all the time in world then drops it on you, pigeon style.

Time, like all ego tools of self-deception has but one purpose in ego, to keep you in ego. However, like all ego tools, seen correctly and placed into the right hands, time can also be used to liberate.

That said how are you going to spend the 525,600 minutes you have available to you in 2016 that’ll be different and preferably more beneficial to you than the previous 525,600?

How about changing a few habits?

Oh dear, there he goes again, I can hear some groan. Enough with the habits already.

Stop it now, we all know that habits destroy happiness and make you avoid the scales.

Would you rather we talk about resolutions? That bunch of hot gas and wishful thinking. About as useful as a chocolate kettle.

Habits on the other hand are self-evident, almost tangible. When you stop and look you actually see them driving you, working you, herding you from point A to point B. True that. Look at‘em. See them reek up your life. They are real. And with real things we can deal. It takes a little courage and determination but dealt with, habits can be.

Indeed look at working on your habits as what is often referred to as “Undoing.” The huge issue with “Undoing” is that it is so sadly misunderstood; seen as something mythical and mystical when in fact it is working on issues that present in daily life. That however is another topic and another post.

Nor are habits hard to spot. It isn’t like hunting down the Loch Ness Monster. You just look at where you are in your life, look at what isn’t working, causes you pain, bothers you, or worse, and bet your ass monkey there’s a habit lurking behind that, firing that sucker up.

The beautiful news? Habits can be totally dealt with. They can be either replaced or eradicated.

Sometimes a habit may be very deeply engrained. So deeply in fact that some outside help is needed. And that’s fine. There is nothing wrong with asking a health professional or some other qualified person for help. Whatever it takes to dislodge that which is hurting and limiting happiness.

Be aware of the, I have all the time in the world feeling? Dead wrong! Remember last January, the clock had started ticking up the minutes and before you knew it, there it was- Happy New Year!

That same clock got reset at midnight just recently, and is running again. What you gonna do that’ll make you proud of yourself at the end of this year?

Yeah I know, the universe will provide! And you have your beliefs and deities and all of that. That’s great.

But here’s the pesky bit. The Universe provided in 2015 as well as the year before that, and all the years before that. And your deities and beliefs and spirituality and atheism and all the other wonderful things were all there for centuries. Yet here we still are.


Because this clunky ole bus is your vehicle. No one, and no thing, living or dead, human or celestial, can drive it. Only you can.

So, get into the drivers seat, crunch it into gear, and hit the highway called Your Life.

With love, as always …


The Next 525,600

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