It is What it Is


It’s that time of year in Melbourne, Australia. The circus is in town; this circus being of the tennis variety.

Like all good circuses this one has its clown. Yes The Joker is here and as No 1 seed he’s leading the parade. Will he lay ’em in aisles with one of his funnies? Will he retire injured? Wear a clown mask on-court? What will this wily Serb do next?

Oh so much to anticipate, such deep mysteries to unravel.

One mystery is why the Joker isn’t better liked? Some even saying that he Is the joke. Oh why are people so unkind. Could it be because him doing fun stuff like wearing pasties, wigs, masks, making fun of a female player and busting out dance moves that would send any gorilla into a frenzy is about as funny as sitting around a bonfire in a heat wave.

Anyway, he’s in town.

So is Serena, Andy, Venus, Rafa, JesusFed – not sure if he walks on water but he does other legendary stuff, like win more games than anyone else – and a raft of others, making up the numbers mostly.

Also in the lineup is Nick, the G is silent, Kyrgios. He’s there mostly because the organizers are hoping he’ll blow up like a good sort and make a spectacle of himself. I’m sure he won’t disappoint

There’s nothing new about sporting circuses. The Romans made them an art form, and for very good, practical reasons; Bread and Circuses was a very effective means of citizen appeasement through distraction. “Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt,” Said Juvenal. True that.

The Romans also got the public baths concept going. But the public didn’t embrace that concept as keenly as the circuses. Probably because there wasn’t the direct public participation; no thumbs up or down determining life or death. I guy couldn’t brag to his buddies at the local bar, “Yep, I gave that moron the thumbs down, pretty sure it was my thumb that done him in.” And let’s face it, washing wasn’t the most popular activity back then.

What about the cleanliness is next to godliness you say, that would have driven the god-fearing masses to the wash bucket. Au contraire mon ami, that quaint little ditty came much later. In fact the desert fathers and their ilk believed the more unkempt and unwashed one was the closer he was to god

And yes it was all about Him’s, alright! Everyone knows that back in the day She’s didn’t count for much; a human had to have a penis to get any respect or recognition.

Don’t believe me? Oh ye of little faith, it’s right there, in writing. Check it out:

“But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” Corinthians 11:3

For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” Corinthians 11:8-9

I do wonder what Christ would say about all that. I think those believing such crap would get a huge surprise and quite possibly a size 10 right up their self-righteous clackers.

Sadly though, things haven’t changed a huge deal. Ego is master at smoke and mirrors. Women are still; in way too many instances used, abused and killed. Even in the so-called developed countries they are too often at best tolerated and humored.

Back to the circuses. As an ego diversion they work as well now as they ever did.

George Orwell put a modern and spiffy spin on the circuses phenomenon when he noted in his novel ‘1984’: “Films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult….

True? Chuckle-worthy? Applies to anyone you know?

Of course the star attractions in any circus get the lions share of the loot. Unless you were unfortunate enough to be a Christian when the Romans had that peculiar notion that it was cool to put them up against lions and other fanged and clawed-up beasties, unarmed. Not much fun, frivolity or post-game interviews for the star attractions there.

Fans still came though. It was standing room only. Lesson for all you aspiring entrepreneur types; blood, guts, decapitations and sex sell! May not be noble, but hey! This is the ego world we’re talking about here. You know what it’s like, you drive past a horrible accident and … you know what you just have to do, right?

So it is with The Joker and his brethren. They literally, earn millions of dollars annually. Only a portion of their vast earnings come from prize money, mostly the paydays are made up of endorsements.

Having reportedly spent over six billion on endorsements last year Nike leads the athlete endorsement pack. There are however many other big businesses spending large amounts on endorsements.

There is something the majority of these companies have in common, other than the endorsements. Most of them pay their employees the absolute minimum wage. And in other instances, as has been repeatedly reported; child labour and slave labour has been and continues to be, used.

How repugnant is it to have children sweating in factories, earning less money in a year than a sports star spends on a slap-up dinner.

Nor are there too many greater crimes than depriving a child of its childhood.

Neon lights and grubby ego hide the pain and toil of the underprivileged.

What’s good and right about that?

Absolutely nothing.

What can be done about it?

Not much. It is what it is.

Trying to change the ego world is like trying to talk a warlord into becoming a peacenik. It cannot be done.

You can however do two very worthwhile things on a personal level.

Firstly, you can open your eyes and see the truth. Still enjoy the circus if it has appeal to you, but see it for what it is. Enjoy the game but see behind the illusion.

Secondly, withdraw support from ego and its insanity. Get into your Spiritual space and start drawing down from the Truth.

In Truth you will find Love, and in Love … everything becomes possible.

When you’re on the highway in hell, figuratively speaking, don’t try ripping up and rebuilding the highway. Accept it for what it is. Say, It is what it is. Or just plain old, fuck it, I’m taking the next off ramp.

Don’t worry, the real Creator won’t mind you a cussin’ and cursin’ a little bit. IT doesn’t speak egoise. Nor does IT read the Bible or any other so-called holy writ, is not religious or politically correct.

The Creator communicates directly with your heart … this communication is from Love to love. Nothing more can be said.

See you on the bright side.

It is What it Is

Get Out Of The Way


Your mind is a machine that spews out ego. It shares the principals of a sausage factory, both an unpleasant process, hidden from public view. One uses leftover animal parts ground to make the product, the other turns love and clarity into a nightmare.

So a day in a life is like a day in a sausage factory; generally it stinks and there is little to smile or be happy about. The smell of death and rot permeating through both.

That’s not very spiritual! I hear the cries. I know, I know. But hey, that flowery, Everything is perfect, just sit and enjoy, the universe will provide, thing you call spirituality, isn’t actually spirituality. That’s cornflake packet cliché crap that is as much of a problem as those who murder people in the name of some god more insane then they are. Except this sugary crud does you in with seeming kindness and sweet, ego-loving lies.

Here’s what ego offers under the guise of love and happiness: moments of exhilaration, vigor and vivacity when one triumphs over a lesser mortal by beating them to a parking spot in a crowded car park.

Reconnections with medieval ecstasies watching two men pummel the living daylights out of each other in a boxing ring, when the interaction between spectator and the pummeled gets the juices flowing; Get up ya bum, use your other arm!

Or looking at two women, snake-eyed and harm intentioned, doing their utmost to get at one another’s entrails in The Octagon.

Not to forget those tender, daddy needs a meat clever mamma wants a spanking, sexcitement moments.

There are many other scenes and scenarios the ego-sausage factory offers for the human singing and dancing pleasures, like greyhound racing. Never mind most dogs are killed and only top performers kept; well, as long as they keep winning prize money anyway. After that it’s doggy heaven. And of course there is a small matter of live-baiting. I suggest you don’t go Googling it unless you have a strong stomach. Yes folks evil does exist, generally it wears a vacant smile and a stupid expression. Yes, there are times it’s difficult to remember that behind ego we all share the One Creator.

There is nothing good in ego.

That’s not entirely true. There is one good thing about ego- the road leading out of it.

The core problem, the mother load, of the human condition is that as long as we buy into any of the ego offerings we are in effect energizing and keeping it going

A large part of the journey to enlightenment is getting out of the way. Allowing your Higher Self to show, and guide, you through the required experiences of the undoing process.

Things described above and almost everything else that seemingly happens in ego is but a distraction. Ego itself is ultimately a distraction. A distraction from reality.

Much is made of meditation, for example. For good reason. Meditation is one of the key tools for many on their way to enlightenment. Many make a good living out of it also. Nothing wrong with that either. But you know what meditation really is, bottom line? Meditation is getting out of the way and becoming an observer. That is to say, you learn to let what needs to present, present, without buying into it and thereby energizing it.

The absolute beauty. The magnificence and splendor of it all is that within every, single one of us, is the key to our own enlightenment. The biggest part of getting to that key and unlocking the door to the light behind it, is allowing it to happen.

This getting out of the way, is a beautiful thing for many reasons. Foremost, the feeling is beyond words. Also, it works for everyone. It’s all inclusive. It applies in equal measure to believers, non believers, Jesus lovers, Buddhists, Taoists, Agnostics, Atheists and anyone else you care to mention.

Even the ardent, strident, I’m in charge of my life, compulsive plan it all to the nth degree types eventually learn that in life, Shit just happens!

See you on the bright side.

Get Out Of The Way

The Next 525,600


Hey! Happy New Year and all that. 2016 feels all fresh and new and pregnant with opportunities. Like a brand new relationship. But we all know what can happen to relationships if no lessons have been learnt from the previous one(s).

As for 2015, it’s only been a few days since its passing and it seems so yesterday. Time does that; makes you think you have all the time in world then drops it on you, pigeon style.

Time, like all ego tools of self-deception has but one purpose in ego, to keep you in ego. However, like all ego tools, seen correctly and placed into the right hands, time can also be used to liberate.

That said how are you going to spend the 525,600 minutes you have available to you in 2016 that’ll be different and preferably more beneficial to you than the previous 525,600?

How about changing a few habits?

Oh dear, there he goes again, I can hear some groan. Enough with the habits already.

Stop it now, we all know that habits destroy happiness and make you avoid the scales.

Would you rather we talk about resolutions? That bunch of hot gas and wishful thinking. About as useful as a chocolate kettle.

Habits on the other hand are self-evident, almost tangible. When you stop and look you actually see them driving you, working you, herding you from point A to point B. True that. Look at‘em. See them reek up your life. They are real. And with real things we can deal. It takes a little courage and determination but dealt with, habits can be.

Indeed look at working on your habits as what is often referred to as “Undoing.” The huge issue with “Undoing” is that it is so sadly misunderstood; seen as something mythical and mystical when in fact it is working on issues that present in daily life. That however is another topic and another post.

Nor are habits hard to spot. It isn’t like hunting down the Loch Ness Monster. You just look at where you are in your life, look at what isn’t working, causes you pain, bothers you, or worse, and bet your ass monkey there’s a habit lurking behind that, firing that sucker up.

The beautiful news? Habits can be totally dealt with. They can be either replaced or eradicated.

Sometimes a habit may be very deeply engrained. So deeply in fact that some outside help is needed. And that’s fine. There is nothing wrong with asking a health professional or some other qualified person for help. Whatever it takes to dislodge that which is hurting and limiting happiness.

Be aware of the, I have all the time in the world feeling? Dead wrong! Remember last January, the clock had started ticking up the minutes and before you knew it, there it was- Happy New Year!

That same clock got reset at midnight just recently, and is running again. What you gonna do that’ll make you proud of yourself at the end of this year?

Yeah I know, the universe will provide! And you have your beliefs and deities and all of that. That’s great.

But here’s the pesky bit. The Universe provided in 2015 as well as the year before that, and all the years before that. And your deities and beliefs and spirituality and atheism and all the other wonderful things were all there for centuries. Yet here we still are.


Because this clunky ole bus is your vehicle. No one, and no thing, living or dead, human or celestial, can drive it. Only you can.

So, get into the drivers seat, crunch it into gear, and hit the highway called Your Life.

With love, as always …


The Next 525,600