Strange Thoughts and Other Things

A strange though came to mind, dear reader. Not strange as in weird, but in an interesting, albeit uncomfortable, sort of way. What is the worst thing that can happen to one?

I mean, like wow, who wants to ponder that, right? Mind gets into bit of an overdrive, of the edgy kind let’s call it, just trying to deal with and process that. Perfectly understandable too. The first impulse is to turf that negative fiend headfirst out of mind and embrace a positive and happy one, just like the self-help books recommend. Yeay team!

It’s all about happy, positive, vibrant and successful lives, right! There’s no place for negatives. Fake it till you make it. Life is a sandwich; birth one slice, death the other, it’s up to You, what You put in-between. So, how’s Your sandwich? Tasty or sour? Yeay team!

I mean really? Where does that come from? Planet Dellusia? But then it’s all about perspective, or more to the point state of mind. Perspective is a result of whatever state mind is in. When mind is in a state of love for example, the “love-focus” can do no wrong. Everything is like an awesome, hot, soft and dreamy short-stack of mum’s hotcakes, with a dollop of maple syrup; real maple syrup too, made from the sap of the sugar maple tree, not the stuff gussied up to be maple but is really corn syrup. No offense to corn of course.

Perspectives are interesting things. My perspective on the matter is this, a person says. What they really mean is- this is what I think. I don’t really know and I’m offering you my best guess.

Beware of perspectives, dear reader, they are but matters of perception, and perception is a view, an opinion.

You know what? And this may sound awfully negative, but if you consider it, it isn’t. It’s a fact. No one knows anything. Not really. Everything in the system called human life is based on assumptions. And assumptions change by the minute. Some are accepted as truths and absolutes but it only takes some strange, unknown occurrence for things to be thrown into chaos and called into question.

We are a civilized society! It is resolutely and stalwartly declared. And the masses nod and murmur in agreement. Next thing you know our sons and daughters are being rounded up and sent off to fight some war in some dustbowl because some despot had his precious ego bruised.

Here’s the rub though. The despot, like any rabid dog barks, growls, foams at the mouth and basically wets themselves at the very thought of murder and mayhem on a huge scale. They raise armies and thousands die. True, right?

Ask yourself this however, dear reader, why? Why do people respond? Why do millions rally to the despots call? Why do whole nations gather up under the despot banner, put on freshly pressed uniforms with shined up buttons and march grim faced and determined, and charge into the jaws of death at a simple command to do so.

Unfortunately the answer is relatively simple. Because people want to.

Too simplistic? Ego will tell you it is. Ego will come up with endless psychological, biological, ideological and terribly meaningful reasons as to why people ‘really’ commit the terrible things they do. But it is relatively simple. They want to. They enjoy it.

For every war to stop, right now, all it would take is for all soldiers, all combatants, to lay down their arms. That’s it. What would the warlords do? Go fight it out between themselves? Don’t be ridiculous. Those cowards are only good at one thing; sending others to die. Think of it, what happens to the leaders and high rankers after wars? They are offered places to live, in the lifestyle to which they had become accustomed naturally, elsewhere, while their people bury their dead, endure terrible hardships, mourn and rebuild.

Terrible, aren’t they, these warlords? Beastly individuals, responsible for untold hardships, treachery and millions of deaths.

Actually, No! They aren’t.

The ones responsible are the those who listen and willingly follow. That’s the truth of it, and no amount of objecting will change it. So lets stop pretending and get serious. Where you go, and whatever you do, is ultimately your choice.

Until tomorrow,




It Ain’t necessarily So

There’s an old song with lyrics, which at first glance, are shall we say, a little light. When looked at a little deeper however, there’s a line or two that carry within their simplicity the great core of truth.

Although when you consider that the great Ira Girshwin wrote the lyrics, we shouldn’t be at all surprised.

The song is, “It Ain’t necessarily So,” and folks, it most surely ain’t.

For example the line, “The t’ings dat yo’ li’ble to read in de Bible, It ain’t necessarily so.”

Good advice that. For instance: Thou shalt not boil a kid in its mother’s milk. Exodus 23:19 And all the kids went, Yeay! To that little beauty.

I think that anyone who has given any thought to the realities and vagaries of life quickly arrives at the brutal truth of it; although the Bible has within its covers many a great and comforting truths, not everything within it is necessarily so.

How could it be? It was written by human beings after all. At the risk of shattering the illusion for some, God didn’t actually sit down, wrote the first draft, sent that off to the editor, waited, got it back, re-wrote, second edit, and final draft. Although, just quietly, I wish he had of … might have ‘learn’t’ some of them publishers a bit of humility. Jus’ sayin’.

The Bible is a book written by people. And even if God did the dictating Himself, there’d be errors in translation.

Why am I carrying on about this? Because I want to drive home the simplest message of all. And it is this. Life is what it is. Everyone has their own.

Now you may think that’s kind of a silly statement to make. Thank you Captain Obvious. Of course everyone lives their own life. Like Nick, hello! No one lives someone else’s life. Fool, that isn’t even possible.

And you’d be right thinking that. It isn’t possible. Yet people do keep on trying … hard! Why do you think superstars exist. Prance around and make like they are god’s gift to humanity. It’s like those folks excrete perfumed waste.

Think about it. Why are they special? Why are they placed on pedestals and given fortunes to, in essence, make the great masses of humanity appear small and ordinary? But more to the point, why does the said humanity lap it up? No. Not just lap it up, humanity demands it.

It has been so forever. Think kings, queens, noblemen and women, cardinals, priests, generals, leaders of this, leaders of that? There always has to be someone to “lead the way.” No matter where you go. Someone better than the rest is appointed.

I mean seriously folks. What the …

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about folks that specialize in things and then go on to pass on their knowledge and guide the rest by the very virtue and benefits of that knowledge. I’m talking about the mass murdering egomaniacs like Hitler, Amin, Stalin, and that little charmer the noblewoman Countess Elizabeth Bathroy. The list could go on, and on, and on. No need however, you get my point. Why do people hold such lunatics up as special, and follow them to their own demise?

A mystery of mankind ay? No. Not really. It’s all about that idiot concept some call the original sin. Many will laugh it off, but do so at your own peril. You see if it weren’t for that monster, this would be a happy place.

Buried deep within the very fiber of humanity is the original terror. A terror based on the belief that the Creator was mighty miffed when the Created went off and split. Allegedly.

I say allegedly because it never happened except in the imaginations of those that made themselves believe it did.

Here is a very simple piece of evidence that all fear is inside ones own mind. Everyone, and I mean everyone, believes there is a greater power than man. By way of simple deduction therefore if that Higher Power wanted us gone, guess what? Poof! Gone. Done. Dusted. Scorched Earth.

It hasn’t happened though, has it. And by the way many carry on sometimes I think it’s a miracle. Yet here we are.

What does that fact alone tell you?

Until tomorrow,




Questions of the Heart

Why do it?

Why do what?

Why do anything?

Why not?

Why not, is about as sensible, as reasonable and as worthwhile reason as any other. Human beings have a compulsion to make everything seem meaningful and terribly important. Look at me, look at me! Look at what I did! Aren’t I just the best! Like it’s a matter of life and death and everyone should appreciate whatever it was he or she did. In the end, when the hot wind has subsided and all the hoopla died down the only thing that matters, I firmly believe, is how happy, comfortable and content within ones own skin one was.

That’s it brothers and sisters. There ain’t no more. No good looking for meaningful answers between the covers of dusty, important looking, gold gilded book covers. People who wrote those books didn’t have any more of an answer than you or I. They just made it look and sound as if they did. A singer / songwriter put it best when he penned the immortal lyrics; The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind. True that Mr Dylan.

There is no need for traipsing to places of worship, prostrating at the feet of priests and other mortals pretending to have friends in high places either.

And why is there a need for fancy joints with all kinds of weird and wonderful ornaments to worship in anyway? Is it because the self-proclaimed ‘servants of God’ within them raise their voices in pietas lament pretending only they have a direct line to God? Or is it because they think God, the Father, doesn’t want to waste His breath on the rest? What? The rest of us are bastard children God is ashamed of? Tolerating us only because the alternative is beyond Him? Gimmie a break. Oh, and have you noticed how they think your soul is corrupt but your money is good? Funny that.

While we’re at it, allow me to disrespectfully ask also: how come the majority of religions are rich whilst their followers have their behinds hanging out of their threadbare pantaloons?

Best thing we could do is put a torch to some of those “places of worship.” Not that I’m advocating violence or encouraging you to take up pyromeniacal undertakings, dear reader, because neither violence nor blazes fired up in anger achieve anything other than more trouble and hardship … I’m just musing. And hopefully making a point.

What’s the point?

The point is neither you nor I need another human to save us. They cant anyway

God the Father, the Creator, is within every single one of us.

It’s as simple, and as beautiful, and most importantly as REAL as that.

Until tomorrow,



The Thought I Woke Up With #274


Remember that thing you did? The thing you don’t want to think about, let alone talk about?

No, not that one, the other one!

What? You don’t want to talk about it?

Fair enough. I don’t really want to talk about it either, but I do want to make a point, and the point is this. No one is without fault. No one. Even animals do wrong things. Maybe we should have courts for animals. You, Mr Dog, kept your master and immediate neighbours awake with your barking. How do you plead?

Silly? About as silly as you judging someone you know nothing about.

The only ones without faults are the ones who never left Creation.

Intolerance and judgment are human staple foods. The guilty judge. When you let go of your guilt you will no longer be able to judge.

You and all your human buddies committed the original error. And here you are. That alone should be enough to stop all judgment. Unfortunately the opposite is true.

You know what judgment is? Judgment is like competing in a 100-metre sprint with a massive anvil tied to your leg. It would be safe to say you wouldn’t win that race. Yet you want to get to Heaven lugging your judgments. Even St Peter will laugh at you.

Judgment is just plain ugly. It hurts people and it kills innocents. Beware of judgment, it is out of control. It will harm and destroy even those it claims it loves.

You may have heard that Jesus story when they had him nailed to the cross. After he had been beaten mercilessly, tortured, spat upon, degraded and the rest of it, he says, Forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing. Or something along those lines.

What he was saying is what I am saying here – firstly show tolerance and refrain from judging those of whom you are a part. Those who do not as yet know any better. Jesus knew who he was. He had no guilt so he understood.

Look at the things you continue to judge, the ones that keep recurring. Make a list, ponder and meditate on them. Why do they bother you? What triggers them? What are the consequences when you react the way you do?

By reflecting on your recurring intolerances you will gain an understanding that will explain not only why they happen but will allow you an opportunity to forgive and put them to rest.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #274

The Thought I Woke Up With #273

Today a simple question you might actually want to stop and think about.

The Creator, or God if you prefer, is, it is said, Love. Using simple and straightforward logic therefore you, me, and everyone else is Love also. It can’t be otherwise. Two rabbits cannot reproduce a zebra, right? You can’t have a pair of moose do the romantic waltz and make a peacock. Like produces like, it’s basic stuff. I mean even thinking about This and That getting romantically involved and producing a weirdo type third thing doesn’t make any sense at all.

So how come the reality as we experience it is so vastly different? Diametrically so indeed? Why, and how come, is it that the Creations of Love have as their environment a world that is for the most part unspeakably harsh, filled with unimaginable dangers and treachery the scope of which not even the great novelists are capable of conjuring up?

Heck, we can’t even agree on what to call the thing that allegedly made us; Creator, God, Allah, El, Saviour, Om, the Great IS and whatever, whatever. As if the name matters. It’s a bit like sheep debating what to call the shepherd.

More to the point, who cares! But it’s not about that. No. There’s a great, great deal more to it than a seeming reticence to come together on the issue of naming; what to call that which is in reality the most basic and real question there is; who, or what, created us, and everything connected with, and relative to, us?

The very question sends shivers down humanity’s collective spine. So to try and compensate for the mad response and insane-like behavior humanity comes up with stories. Volumes upon volumes of stories; the Bible, The Bhagavad Gita, The Qur’an, The Book of Mormon, Tao Te Ching, The Torah, Dhammapada and the list could go for quite a while.

The very notion that so many different versions of god and the word, are out and about says it all. None are in reality necessary. Only one thing is required; Open your heart to the Creator and communicate with Him in the way you were created to do. That’s it.

There’s a reason God hasn’t chosen to write a book. What? You don’t think he can / could have? Get real. God doesn’t write books because God doesn’t communicate through them. Nor does God do Saturday Night Live, the Benny Hill Show, Charlie Browns Christmas or Knots Landing. Well, He might take a sneak-peek at Charley Brown, but I’m just making a point.

Here’s one definition of Religious Texts; “These are texts which various religious traditions consider to be sacred, or central to their religious tradition.”

You know what would be the best cure for all these “sacred texts?” Burn the lot of them. Yes. Turn the whole lot into ashes and scatter them to the four corners of the world, never to pollute the minds of men, women and children again.Then get one universal, little book, just a tiny one, with a tiny message. Love Yourself.

Practice that message and hurl the rest of the holy books down the proverbial toilet and see what happens to You and the world.

Oh, the question to stop and think about for a brief moment – Why don’t you love yourself?

No, I don’t mean treat yourself to the latest fashionable trinket type love, I mean LOVE YOURSELF.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #273

The Thought I Woke Up With #272

Looking for apples mid-winter

Here is a question for you. What would you do if I sent you to go pick apples mid winter when the temperatures are freezing and trees are bare? It would be fair to say that you might think I was a little confused and start looking for the nearest exit. Who could blame you? Yet that’s exactly what you do every time you ask ego for anything.

Mind, ego, this world, all these things are about deception. The setup is about deceiving and distracting you from looking to and reconnecting with Him. No amount of praying, hoping, wishing or crying will change that. It cannot change it. So do not be angry or disappointed. It will do you no good. Accept it and look to your happiness where it actually is.

As already stated, it’s not as if mind is particularly subtle about what it’s doing. It talks about peace yet war, murder, robbery and crime are ubiquitous. It rants about equality and says everything is possible for everyone then puts people in vast slums in which generation after generation rots. It pronounces that you should eat healthily but too bad you can’t afford the prices of healthy foods. It holds up the scales of justice and decrees equal justice for all, but shame if you can’t afford the lawyers. It says not to worry about the constant flow of troubles because life would be boring if things were perfect. You need challenges. It may as well be saying, no matter what you do, no matter what you achieve, it will never be enough. You will never be contented or happy.

Buddhism puts it this way: The wise say that it is not an iron, wooden or fibre fetter which is a strong one, but the besotted hankering after trinkets, children and wives that, say the wise, is the strong fetter. It drags one down, and loose as it feels, it is hard to break. Breaking this fetter, people renounce the world, free from longing and abandoning sensuality. Riches destroy a fool, but not those who are seeking the other shore. The fool destroys himself by his craving for riches, as he destroys others too. He drifts from one life to another like a monkey looking for fruit in the forest. 

Reproduced by kind permission of myself, to myself, from my book Him & Me

Until Tomorrow


The Thought I Woke Up With #272


Do you, or Don’t you?

Does god exist? This is one of ego’s pet questions. Millions answer yes, they believe in their loving, benevolent, and of course superior god. Many of these fine folks will readily take your head to prove their love and piety to their “One true God.” As you would, of course. I mean gods are all about competition, battling the opposition to the death and ruling unopposed. That’s what “Love and Peace to all” REALLY means!

I mean, seriously, dear reader. What kind of nutcase actually believes that? Yeah, I know, silly question, there are legions of ’em.

Then you have the ‘there’s no god, only I exist’ group. These are as bad as the former, they only hide it better; generally hiding behind the “intellectual” banner. And so it goes, the flame burns, the argument rages on.

Many a zealot has lost their head, literally, for their god. Equally many a zealot has murdered, burnt at the stake and tortured to death those accused of heresy or refusing to give allegiance to a god the zealot happens to be worshipping.

Not all believers are zealots of course, but they are, for the most part, close-minded as far their beliefs are concerned; a condition that misses the whole point of godliness.

Those on the non-believer side can all too often be just as duplicitous, conceited and obnoxious. It is almost as if ‘There is no God’ is their god. A proposition to be nurtured, argued over, fought for and vehemently defended. They generally present themselves as the intellectual cool kids but their superiority complex is well and truly on par with their believer cousins.

All this haughtiness, argument, violence and atrocity is ego’s version of heaven. This environment not only keeps ego alive and well, it energises and re-energises it. If ever you want to see ego at work, truly at work, look at the god wars; the religion based conflicts. This ridiculous concept the majority of combatants neither understand nor spend time truly studying has been happening since day dot. A fly feeds on excrement and is thus kept fed and happy. Ego feeds on the stench of corpses, war and atrocity and is kept likewise.

Ego couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss whether you believe in god or not.

This entire system is based on a lie. Therefore its god, the bible god if you will, is a lie. That god does not exist. He is as mythical as the split from Creation. If you believe in that god you are destined to retain your chains of misery. That god is as insane as its creator is mistaken.

A guy says: I want to find god. I want to reconnect with god; he put me here to suffer. He knows my suffering. I have done all you asked of me, lord; I paid the price oh lord. Your servant has suffered enough. Give me prosperity now, oh gentle and loving father.

You know what that is? An illusion praying to an illusion. May as well plead with the image in the mirror. The results are generally about the same also.

Like God is about granting wishes for larger homes, larger cars and larger bosom sizes, right? Let’s get real.

Until Tomorrow